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Hi Sammy,
I am a short(ish) 12 year old girl living in london. I love to look grown up! On wednesday I am helping out at a school-and, although i usually plan my outfits weeks ahead, I cant think of ANYTHING! Any help here?

From Becky


Hi Becky,

Thanks for your international query! I've been under major Fashion Week Swim stress, so taking a break to assist a loyal reader will be a much welcomed change of pace. I might even make myself a nice cup of tea while I compose my reply.

Okay, back to the fashion matter at hand. In order to help you Becks, I need as many details as possible. You mentioned that you're helping out at a school - What is the nature of your volunteer work? Are you serving up lunch in the cafeteria? Tutoring? Will you be predominately indoors or outdoors? Is there a dress code at this school? Are you going for a professional look or a casual one?

Since you're London based and need an outfit ASAP, I'm going to insist you check out the Asos Petite Shop featuring petite styles specifically designed for stylish lasses who are 5'3 and under.

Here in the states when all else fails, you can never go wrong with a nice fitting pair of jeans and a cute tee or top, but I seriously adore this Hi Waisted Short and simple top combo that is age appropriate and a safe and chic look for any summer event.

cool school style.JPG

You mentioned that you liked to look grown up, so just throw on a vest or boyfriend blazer and some posh ankle boots to smarten the look up. You'll go from Hermione Granger first year to seventh year. Like magic.


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