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I'm With the Silly Bandz

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A silly fashion craze is sweeping the nation.

A few months ago, I began to notice colorful collections of arm candy gracing the wrists of all of the prepubescent children in my neighborhood. That's interesting I thought, while I endured an unsettling flashback of my Madonna/Lucky Star phase when I wore black rubber bracelets piled up to my elbows.

A few weeks later I was surprised to catch glimpses of Tinseltown starlets along the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Ritchie and Mary-Kate Olsen sporting the very same cheap silicone wristlets. What was going on here? Was I trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone where A-list actresses and celebrities were now retiring their Tiffany, Juicy Couture and Kitson bangles in favor of the basic equivalent of pastel hued rubber bands?

silly bandz.JPG

Fast forward another month to the afternoon of a Couples Baby Shower barbecue where the adorable niece of one of my best, very pregnant friends finally explained it all to me. I spotted a wrist full and I made my move.

"I dig your bracelets" I said, pointing to her tiny tanned arm.

"Thanks" she replied, beaming. Then she removed a couple and I noticed her rubber band bracelets return to their original shapes. Like magic. Sea Monkey-like magic.

"What's up with that?" I asked inconspicuously, wondering if I was about to gain invaluable intel on some deep underground cult.

"Everyone in my school wears Silly Bandz. We trade them." Then, she went on to explain the Silly Bandz basics. 24 to a pack for $5.99 with 6 different designs ranging from sports and dinosaur themes to fantasy, western and beach motifs. Most of her BFFs wore them as bracelets, but she occasionally stepped out of the Silly Band box to fashion them as sleek ponytail holders and braid ties.

"Wanna trade?" She inquired, as she held out a pair of mouse and moon shaped manacles.

I looked down at my solid wood bangle she was eyeing, a beloved trinket that I had acquired while vacationing in Puerto Rico.

"Not so much," I replied and walked away, secretly wishing she had offered the high-heeled and tiara shaped ones.

Another month has passed, my friend's beautiful baby was born and Silly Bandz are still as popular as ever.

I am ashamed to admit this, but I'm seriously considering ordering the Silly Rock Bandz pack on sale for half price at Amazon...mere seconds away from jumping on the Silly Bandzwagon.

My friend's niece will totally wanna trade these.

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