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Totally tubular

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I'm all for taking the occasional fashion risk, but when considering the styling of this particular model, I can't help but remember the "One of These Things is Not Like the Other" sketch from Sesame Street.

You know the one, where kids and campers were shown a group of four items, one of which was vastly different from the other three. If you have no recollection of this, you are young and I am old, whoopee for you.

I was always a master at identifying the incompatible item and am still at the top of my game, as I shall now demonstrate.

tube socks.JPG

1. Dresses, check.
2. Shoes, cute.
3. Hairstyle, nice waves.
4. Tube socks, Dude, no.

Okay. I am all for the retro tube sock sensation, but not with a skimpy cocktail dress and slinky slip on heels. If you want to look totally tubular, stick with basic tees or rock the sporty vibe and pair your Unisex Striped Tube Socks [à la American Apparel] with the following unobtrusive items:

1. A hoodie.
2. Old school shorts/cutoffs.
3. Denim mini.
4. Cool kicks.

Because the last thing you want is old people like me being reminded of Big Bird when we take in your outfit.

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I'd wear mine with roller skates.

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