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As much as I enjoy indulging in all of the fab festivities that come along with Fashion Week, I always seem to fall victim to a series of unfortunate events.

-Last summer I broke my favorite digital cam while trying to secure a backstage interview.

-During the Spring 2011 collections in New York I had a cab soil my best Fashion Week ensemble with a nasty splash of melted gray snow-sludge right before the Max Azria show.

-This swim season, I lost my beloved Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

My adored aviators were last seen right before I washed my hands in the poolside bathroom at the Raleigh hotel. One minute they were on the counter, the next minute they were gone.

I suspect foul fashion play.

Missing poster2.JPG

They are probably long gone, now shielding sunlight and harmful UV rays from the eyes of some tacky spray tanned chick casing the joint who swiped them on the sly along with a number of front row goodie bags, but if you have any knowledge concerning their whereabouts, please contact me directly with subject line Lets Talk Shades. All tips may remain anonymous with no questions asked.

I do not have the funds to offer a reward, if I did I would spend it on a new pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses, but I will exchange any helpful information for 3 consecutive and invaluable Ask Sammy tips, gratis.

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Is that for real??!!>?


I can't believe you found that! NEat-Oh

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