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His and Her Coat Check

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It has been discovered that after years of loyal companionship, people begin to resemble their pets.

I can attest to this, especially when I go to the dog park to witness white curly haired ladies playing fetch with their white curly haired poodles and sour faced bull-like men releasing grumpy grump growls that complement the slobbery snarls of their English bulldogs.

I do not believe that this trend is limited only to human/animal relationships. Let's face it. Just like those pet owners and their doting dog doppelgangers, sometimes, we end up looking like our significant others.

Whether it's a facial characteristic, matching t shirts that read "I'm With Stupid" or similarly groomed hairstyles, this strange occurrence isn't always intentional. Sometimes it just happens. We become a unit. We begin to gravitate towards our partner's signature style and find ourselves wearing identical colors without even realizing it.

Rather than fight this bizarre and inevitable happening, I am going to embrace it.

alternative apparel coats 2.JPG

I was doing a little online window shopping at my go-to tee store where all the cool kids go to buy basics, Alternative Apparel, where I found the Cropped Large Collar Jacket, a dreamy faux Elmer Fudd patterned winter coat for chicks.

Then I spied with my little eye the Buffalo Plaid Jacket, a similar style for dudes featuring a matching Elmer Fuddian print but executed in a rugged, manly man design.

I immediately pictured myself walking in a winter wonderland with my man, clad in these companion coats and holding hands, like two warm peas in a pod. Then my fantasy was hijacked by a couple of random passersby who threw snowballs at us while alternating between producing obnoxious gagging and kissing sounds.

They were just jealous, no doubt.

Feel free to ride your honey's coattails in these matching jackets, and get 15% off your initial purchase at Alternative Apparel with promo code CWC711...

And while you're at it, get your dog one too.

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My man would never go for that, but i like the girls one


This is a really good post, I want them both for me and my bf.

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