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It happened. This morning at 6:47am, on a quiet residential street corner nestled somewhere in Broward County, I officially declared it sweater weather.

The Autumn season kicked off nearly two weeks ago, but to a Floridian like me, this carries as much significance as informing me that it was National Meerkat Day. I puttered outside to walk my dog in my thin sleep cami and Gilly Hicks pj pants, still rubbing the sleep from my groggy eyes and was suddenly greeted by a friendly chill in the air. I needed a sweater. My dog needed to tinkle more though, so her peeing took precedence over my declining body temperature and overall discomfort. I hugged myself for three reasons.

1 - In order to keep myself warm.

2 - I love myself.

3 - Because my fashion rotation was now open to a whole new world of outfit possibilities.

Lately, whenever I pass a shop window I find myself stealing longing looks at the cozy sweaters draped over the mannequins in the displays. Cozy fisherman and granny sweaters that I want to curl up in, accessorized with heaping mugs of Swiss Miss, thick textured knee highs and equestrian style weathered boots.

My sweaters from last season are all but destroyed from unsightly pilling to permanent Starbucks stains, and my Weather Channel app is promising me lows in the 70's all week long which ultimately means that Sammy needs a new pair of sweaters.

cozy sweaters with text.JPG

Thanks to a recent trip to Urban Outfitters I have my eye on the Ecote Intarsia Cardigan and the byCORPUS Popcorn Sweater that are both wicked cool in a vintage/Sherlock Holmes on the weekend/herding sheep in the British countryside kind of way.

I get goosebumps just thinking about wearing them.

Enjoy your sweater weather, wherever you are.

p.s. I also want a new puffer jacket.

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