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My Fair Isle Lady

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What is the one MUST HAVE item i need for my Fall & Winter wardrobe?



Hi Audrey,

You asked a great question, which is why I decided to ignore the fact that you spelled my name wrong. I've had a problem with my name being spelled out as "Sammie" ever since Quiznos added Flatbread Sammies to their menu, although I have nothing against Quiznos or their Flatbread Sammies. In fact, I think their Sammies are quite tasty, I just don't enjoy sharing my name with a taco/sandwich hybrid that has smoky chipotle turkey in it.

No hard feelings. I will answer your question and promise not to refer to you as Audrie, that would be disrespectful to both you and my favorite fashion icon/My Fair Lady star, Audrey Hepburn.

Get thee a Fair Isle sweater, Audrey. Wikipedia informs us that the term Fair Isle refers to one of the Shetland Islands in Scotland and is defined as a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors.

If there is one mandatory winter staple this season, this is it. Wrap yourself up in a cozy, classic pattern like this Fair Isle Cardi from Aerie. You can go from high end Marc Jacobs Fair Isle outerwear to more affordable options like the Holly Fair Isle Cardigan from dELiAs* and the Old Navy Tie-Belt Fair Isle version.

fair isle apparel.JPG

Don't limit your options to sweaters only, experiment with capes, sweater dresses and ponchos that feature our Fair Isle theme.

You can also achieve the same effect with a simple accessory like a pair of mittens, a trapper hat, tights or these warm and wooly Fairisle Faux Fur Earmuffs from Topshop. Just keep your Scottish island hopping to a minimum and stick to one piece at a time.

*Tip* since Fair Isle pattens are unisex, try raiding your boyfriend's closet for a sweater that fits the bill.

All's fair isle in love and war.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy, not Sammie!

If you're into the whole Circle Scarf craze (aka Infinity scarves, Eternity Scarves, etc), I have a DIY tip that you will both love me for and hate me for simply because I thought of it and you didn't.

Instead of spending twenty+ bucks on a new infinity/circular scarf for the season, breathe new life into your old scarf by tying the ends together and double looping it around your neck.

No one will be any wiser, and you'll be twenty+ dollars richer.

You're welcome.

diy circle scarf 2.JPG

Model Baggage Part Two

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Lovin' Lanvin for H&M

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I just caught the new Lanvin for H&M video and am giddy.

Not only am I thrilled that the House of Lanvin is partnering with H&M on a killer collaboration with designer Alber Elbaz, but I am at peace because I will finally be able to be there for the release since a new H&M just opened a mere hour away from my fashion house.

H&M has dazzled us in the past with collaborations with A-list fashion designers along the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Stella McCartney, but every lady wants Lanvin.

Take a sneak peek at the collection in this video that is part The Shining, part comic book, part George Michael's Freedom video, set in a hotel where ladies in Lanvin frolic in every room wearing dresses, skirts and separates that are lavish to the nth degree.

Come play with us Danny.

The Lanvin line for H&M launches November 20.

Fossil Finds for the Holidays

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I am having a love affair with a catalog.

I can't stop looking at it. I can't stop thinking about it. My passion is so intense, I have the paper cut battlescars on every finger to prove it.

I just received the new holiday catalog from Fossil in my mailbox and am crushing hard on it, and not just because the chick on the cover is sporting my signature haircut that I decided to keep.

I remember a time when I just shopped at Fossil whenever it was time to buy a new watch, but Fossil has everything my heart desires this Christmas season and more, from handbags to statement bling, chic coats to caps and cozy sweaters, plus a hot selection of watches to boot.

Did I mention Fossil has boots?

fossil xmas catalog.JPG

Not only is Fossil's Jingle-Merry-Cheer issue visually stunning to look at {totally dig the vintage train/coming home for the holidays backstory}, but I have almost every page dogeared with items that I want need.

I'm not alone, four of the hottest fashion bloggers from Sterling Style, Refinery 29, FrouFrouu and Song of Style were invited to style and model their favorite Fossil finds from their holiday lookbook. I had a prior engagement with Versace, so I could not contribute.

My top three favorite items are as follows:

The Modern Cargo Convertible Tote
The Two Tone Drama Necklace
The Riley Tunic.

So if any of my loved ones claim that they have no idea what to get me for Christmas, they obviously don't read my blog.


Model clean up

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Coach Totes up for Grabs

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If I won the lottery, I would treat myself to one of the new Totes from the Coach Poppy Collection, then I would buy Coach bags for all of my closest girlfriends, their moms, daughters and sisters, and to the first ten readers who email me to tell me how awesome Let's Talk Style is.

*Extra entries if you use the words brilliant, wondrous, luminous and most excellent.

coach totes.JPG

Gwyneth Paltrow has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Wait. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England, where Paltrow resides with Coldplay frontman hubby, Chris Martin, and their adorable pair of cherubic children.

Rephrase - Gwyneth Paltrow is enjoying quite a November, first by wowing the entire country music scene with her live performance of Country Strong at the CMA's, and then by shining on the small screen last night on our favorite prime time guilty pleasure, Glee.

gwyneth paltrow glee.JPG

We haven't seen a whole lot of Gwyneth after she gave birth to produce in the form of Apple, and the prophet Moses, but the Academy Award winning actress returned baring her triple threat chops, singing, dancing and acting her way into the Glee Club's, and our hearts.

Gwyneth stole the show as super sub, Holly Holiday, who takes over Mr. Schuester's Spanish class and his glee club while Will recovers from a nasty bug going around school. Holly is a free-spirited, fun-loving gal who is committed to making her class periods rock. She sings Cee-Lo songs, stages jazzy numbers from Chicago, revamps Gene Kelly's classic tune "Singing in the Rain" by merging it with Rihanna's smash hit "Umbrella"...and she loves "Animal Hoarders" and tacos.

Where was Holly Holiday when I was in AP Physics?

Model Necking

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Model masking a wicked hickey, most likely given to her by Charlie Sheen.

model hickey2.JPG

I have such a girl crush on Carey Mulligan.

The Oscar-nominated British actress blew me away with her finely nuanced performance in An Education, she sings on the title track of Belle & Sebastian's new single "Write About Love", and she has just won the highly coveted role of Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrman's upcoming adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby.

The English rose will reprise Mia Farrow's coveted role in the 1974 epic, performing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio who will portray the mysterious Jay Gatsby in all his Jazz Age glory.

Carey beat out other British, Australian and American A-list actresses Keira Knightley, Abbie Cornish, Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Blake Lively.

A little romance to fit in under the Boardwalk Empire.

carey mulligan great gatsby2.JPG

Wish lists make me happy.

Even though I may have items that grow stagnant there for three years because Santa stopped climbing down my chimney eons ago, it is still comforting to have a place where I can save all of my online wishes and caviar dreams for a rainy day.

My rainy day has arrived. Now I can build a wishlist that might actually pay off with the Catalogs.com Wishlist Contest.

FB event photo.jpg

That's right, Catalogs.com is rewarding 5 winners with $100 and one Grand Prize Winner can win $1000 to apply towards all of their Catalogs.com holiday gifts. That can buy me a heck of a lot of wishes, and shoes.

The instructions are simple:

1. Enter your name and email on the Wishlist entry page.
2. Look for the items of your dreams here from Catalogs.com's primo selection of online catalogs.
3. Create your holiday wishlist, adding your favorite must-have gifts until your heart is filled with glee.

That's it. Your wishlist will be automatically entered, and no one even cares whether you've been naughty or nice.

Five $100 winners will be selected starting on Black Friday (Nov 26) and the $1000 Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Cyber Monday (Nov 29)

You have 6 days left.

Let the wishing games begin.

I have never shown my face at any retail facility on Black Friday. I always imagined that Black Friday Shoppers belonged to some kind of underground cult, a collection of sado-masochistic, mosh pit slamming shoppers who were actually seeking physical pain more than a good deal on a new flatscreen TV.

This year, on the day after Thanksgiving, I am considering facing my fears head on... but if I do, I will have to follow some rules.

If you are venturing out into the mall mayhem for the first time this Friday, like me, keep these regulations in mind.

black friday fight club.JPG

The 1st rule of Black Friday Fight Club is, you do not talk about Black Friday Fight Club.

The 2nd rule of Black Friday Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Black Friday Fight Club.

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop", goes limp, taps out or cries "for the love of god, you can have it", the fight is over.

4th RULE: Two shoppers to a fight.

5th RULE: One fight at a time.

6th RULE: No using stiletto shoes as weapons.

7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first time at Black Friday Fight Club, you HAVE to fight.

Good luck.

May the best shopper win.

Model Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving, from Let's Talk Style.

model pilgrim with text 3.JPG

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