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Hi guys,

Sorry it's taken me awhile to get out a post Thanksgiving post. In my defense, Let's Talk Style has been undergoing some routine maintenance which has kept me away. That combined with the fact that this past Thanksgiving weekend left me feeling bloated, comatose and rather unstylish are the main reasons why your Ask Sammy questions about disguising an ever-expanding turkey gut remained unanswered. My bad. Next year try an oversized off-the shoulder sweatshirt and some maternity jeans.

Now I'm back from my holiday hiatus. I've banished the bloat (cantaloupe and cucumbers people, not together) and I have a new fashion fixation to blab about. The object of my obsession? The cargo pant/skinny jean hybrid, better known in the fashion world as the cargo skinnies.

cargo skinnies.JPG

They've been cropping up in stores since late summer/early fall but I'm only now beginning to embrace the trend as I tend to do at times, particularly with new threads and indie bands. Now I am won over.

Here's the skinny scoop: The thing that makes these bottoms a must have for your winter wardrobe is that besides being ultra flattering for almost any body type, they are also a chic alternative to your overworn skinny jeans while giving off an edgy military vibe with their desert storm color palette, strategically placed zippers and slim side pockets that are ideal for stashing lipgloss, cash/credit cards or Tums.

Another pro? They. Go. With. Everything. Superfine tees to lacy tops, chunky sweaters to structured blazers, ballet flats to boots and pumps. I can't afford the $3,811.50 price tag on the Balmain Leather Cargo Skinnies featured at Net-A-Porter, which is just fine and dandy since I prefer the stretchy twill variety like these Stretch Skinny Cargos on sale from Alloy for $31.92, the Femme Slim Cargo Pants for just under $40 from Newport News and Swell's Olive Skinny Pants that are more than swell.

I'll be investing in several pairs, as soon as my stuffing gut returns to its previous state.


On Wednesday night Ann Ward, the super tall 19 year old self-professed dorky Dallas teen took home the honors as America's Next Top Model, wiping the gap-toothed smile off of front runner Chelsey Hersley's face as Ward won a spread in Italian Vogue, a $10,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics and an IMG modeling contract.

Skinnier than Olive Oyl on Alli, Ann's 6'2 stature made waves on the show, as did her miniscule waist. Personally, I never thought she'd go the distance with her quirky runway walk, her inability to roller skate in commercials and the triumvirate of zits on her chin that she never could quite figure out how to cover up.

I was Team Chelsey all the way. The white blond bombshell from Iowa booked jobs, won competitions and escaped finding herself in the bottom two week after week. She had experience, confidence and freckles. To make a tall story short, Ann took better photographs.

Nevertheless, I'm happy that Ann is giving tall girls a title to strive for other than World's Tallest Woman in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now vertically challenged girls everywhere can dream of growing up to be something other than a basketball player, a really tall stunt woman, a ladderless house painter or a librarian who can reach the highest bookshelf sans a stepping stool.


Snuggies, only hotter

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Finally, a Snuggie that is like, totally hot. Ladies and gents, just in time for the holiday season, allow me to introduce the Coz-e - the world's first heated slanket.

Thanks to Coz-e's self-heated, wearable fleece design, you can lounge on the couch, walk your dog, hit a kegger or perform a solo of "Silent Night"in your church's choir all while enjoying four different levels of warmth that you can manage with the touch of a button.

Regular electric blankets are so 2010.

Roast your own chestnuts without an open fire, for only $39.99


Hi Sammy,

I'm from Wisconsin and its freezing. How can I stay warm without looking big and frumpy?



Hi Mabel,

I feel for you Mabel from Wisconsin. Mabel from Milwaukee would have sounded better, but I don't know if you're from that city. Floridians are wimps. Every year come Fall and Winter we find ourselves complaining that there is no change of seasons, it doesn't feel like Christmas, it isn't snowing, blah blah blah.

Then, the moment the temperature dips below 50 degrees, we're all like it's too cold, I don't live in Florida for this, i'm dying, when everyone else is getting the shorter end of the ice stick. I know you are suffering way more than I am Mabel, shaking in my highs of 60, but I am heading north for New Year's, so we'll be in the same frozen boat.

I'm investing in three key pieces that will help me brave the harsh north winds while keeping me from looking like Ralphie's brother Randy from A Christmas Story.

1. Animal print coat
2. Cashmere sweaters
3. Sock lined boots


1. It has been scientifically proven that wearing anything in a faux animal print makes us feel warmer. Besides the whole cougar thing, animal print coats are usually super snug, plush and fuzzy and they make us feel like we're cave women ready to conquer rain, sleet, snow or hail while looking as graceful and elegant as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O. or the chicks from Mad Men.

2. Cashmere sweaters are warm and luxurious. Layer them on top of any plain old white long sleeve tee, henley or thermal and you'll still feel like a million bucks, even if what lies beneath (i.e. your shirts, underwear or socks) have holes in them. Get one in every color. I promise, they will never go out of style.

3. Heat escapes from the head and feet, but I avoid hats because they mess up my hair and make it all staticky, so I invest in shoes that will keep my tootsies toasty like these rocking Where the Wild Things Are Sock Lined Clog Boots from Topshop.

Mix, match and layer these vital pieces with anything in your closet from jeans to cords, skirt and tight combos to flannels and leggings and all the guys will be macking on Mabel this Winter.

Look out Michigan, here I come.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model Smiles

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Sequin mini me.

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If I had an extra five hundred dollars lying around, I would pay some dude off to make it snow outside of my house on Christmas Eve with one of those artificial snow machines. That, or I would blow it all on this Merino Sequin-Fringed Mini from JCrew.

This simply marvelous mini has the perfect texture, pattern, color and bling factor for me to ring in the New Year with. Who cares if my legs freeze, go numb and have to be amputated?

Wait. That would make my 5th New Year's Resolution impossible.

Run more.


When it comes to Superstores, Target is a girl's best friend. Especially come Christmastime. Target used to be my go-to stop for odds and ends from mascara and mp3 players to bleach and bathmats. Now I go there for the clothes.

Designer collaborations are the best thing to happen to Target since they got the green light to sell alcohol and this month, they do not disappoint.

Hold your horses cowboys, cowgirls and folks who want to bring sexy back into their wardrobe for 2011. Target's newest designer collaboration is with William Rast, Justin Timberlake’s LA based label with fellow designer, Trace Ayala.


Named after JT's and Ayala's grandpas, William Rast is not for the elderly. Known for their premium denim and branded by their signature slashed V embroidery on the back pockets, William Rast is a little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll and their new collection for Target represents their unique blend of tomboy street style with flawless feminine tailoring.

Unlike other Target collaborations, William Rast hits the bullseye with pieces not only for dames, but for the dudes as well with effortless pieces that range from studded chambray western shirts to plaid button down basics and faux leather shorts (not for dudes... at least not for the straight dudes).

If Lyle Lovett, Fergie and Snoop Dogg had a love child from a threesome, William Rast would be that sexy bastard.

The William Rast for Target collection hits stores December 19th. Count on looks that range from $16.99 to $199.99 and act fast, these looks will only be available through January 22.

It is said that both good and bad things come in threes: Natural disasters, musketeers, blind mice...buses.

In writing, the rule of three insists that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, more effective and more memorable than any other numerical combination.

When it comes to celebrities, the power of three also comes into play with celebrity baby births, celebrity deaths and the deaths of celebrity relationships.

Hollywood hotties Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds couldn't take the heat so they're getting out of the marital kitchen, filing for divorce after two years of holy matrimony; Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are like, totally broken up after three years of being High School Musical sweethearts; and Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter have put an end to their onscreen incest, killing their relationship off right before the holidays. Hmpf. I was almost positive they'd outlive the awkward union between Batista and Lieutenant LaGuerta.

I haven't decided yet if these break-ups fall into the tragic or comedic categories. What do I know?

I know that Christmas came early this year with a slew of Christmas wishes granted now that People's Sexiest Man Alive and GQ's Babe of the Year are single.

God bless us, everyone.


Model Numbers

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I'm a William Rast-afarian

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It was a busy shopping weekend for me that was spent braving long lines, chilly weather and cantankerous customers to pick up some last minute gifts for my loved ones. I shall explain.

While waiting in line to purchase some cozy thermals for my trip up north, this overly accessorized lady pokes me on the back and says " I was here, okay." Umm, cool. It isn't very often that random strangers confirm their existence to me. Fast forward 15 minutes later and lady returns trying to squeeze into the line behind me. Sista behind me was not having any of it.

Sista lady: Uh uh, no you don't.
Bling lady: I was here. (pokes me on the back once again)
Me: She was there.
Sista lady: I don't care where she was, she's been all around the store and ain't getting into this line.
Bling lady: But I was here. Tell her.

Bling lady looks at me pleading while Sista lady looks at me fuming. At this point, I'm not really sure what was expected of me. Was I supposed to push Sista lady back to rationalize this chick and her cutsies, risking my own safety and well being to make room for a woman who rudely poked me and invaded my personal space not once, but twice?

Me: I'm not going to fight for you lady, I just want to buy my long john leggings. And I would put those three necklaces back if I were you. Less is more.

Luckily, the day wasn't all drama. I did find some time to treat myself, making an appearance at my local Target on Sunday for the launch of the new William Rast designer collaboration.


Oh what fun it is to shop designer labels that I can actually afford. The line was totally up my fashion alley and I raced back and forth to the dressing room with my Biker Bohemian looks in tow four times. Sadly, most of my sizes were gone by 1pm, but I still tried on every pair of jeans on the Rast rack. The boot cut and skinny jeans didn't fit very well and would most def require alterations, so I focused on the tops. Chambray shirts, WR branded tanks, and cool cropped leather jackets that I had to step away from because I have already OD'ed on new coats this season.

Check out the collection for yourself at Target through January 22nd.

Best part of scoring my William Rast threads? No line.

It's been years since I stepped into a Victoria's Secret dressing room... the very same dressing rooms that I basically lived in while working the VS retail circuit as a fashion starved college student.

It wasn't a fun job. VS had a strict all black, no open toed shoes dress code, but the employee discount was enough to make up for the monochromatic work wardrobe, the untidy dressing rooms and the 1 out of every 8 male customers who insisted I try on their potential purchases since I was always conveniently the same size as their significant others.

I returned to the dressing rooms for leisure this weekend, cashing in on a gift card from my beau. While deciding between an xs or small bling bling nightshirt, I made a startling discovery - a new addition to the dressing room walls. A receptacle containing dozens of self-serve packets, of panties.

This is what I saw.

Disposable Hypoallergenic Panty

We're happy to provide this for your use while trying on our garments.
When finished, please put the panty back into the resealable plastic bag
and dispose of in the receptacle located in the fitting room.

I peeked into the resealable plastic bag to find a white gauze thong that loosely resembled a Sars mask. I was perplexed, that is until I had flashbacks of clearing the dressing room floor of nasty panty rejects from women who had just come from the gym (i used the janitor's broom handle).

I like the idea, Victoria's Secret. My gynecologist doesn't even give me fake panties, and I spend a lot more money there than I do on bras.

The bottom line is, women can be gross, even if they are wearing the fanciest VERY SEXY lingerie. My job would have been much more enjoyable if you had these back in the day when I was working the VS beat, not to mention the fact that they make a great Walk of Shame emergency accessory to store in your bag in case you forget to bring a clean pair of undies to your boyfriend's house.

Or if the Sars outbreak ever comes back.

Model Mrs. Claus

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It was a tie between this caption and

"Sleigh bells bling,
are you piercing?

Happy Holidays to you and yours, from Let's Talk Style.


Duck, Duck, Duck, Boots

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Happy Monday after Christmas my dear Let's Talk Stylers.

I hope you received all of the stylish items featured on your wishlists. I scored with a cashmere sweater, a cozy plaid perfectly fitted flannel shirt, a naughty not nice nightgown, a sexy anklet, and a fistful of cold hard gift card cash. I also found a fashionable Blythe doll in my stocking to add to my collection, because everyone knows that it isn't really Christmas if a) you don't get at least one childish toy to play with or b) alienate at least one drunken relative.

Everyone else is still on Christmas break, waking up to their bacon and eggnog breakfasts and still partaking in all of their reindeer games. I am at work, but that's okay, because I have Michigan on my mind.

I leave in 48 hours and am still questioning everything that I've packed. My newest concern is that my staple Steve Madden boots don't have the proper treading to keep me upright on Michigan's snow lined streets. I'm ugh about Ugg's and despise those woolly mammoth boots that make young girls resemble Sasquatch, so I think I've found the perfect alternative. The Duck Boot.


You've seen them before. The classic navy rubber sole, water-snow-sleet-hail-resistant boots that have that certain quirky cozy cabin charm. Back in the day, these boots only came in one style and if you didn't dig that style, you were duck out of luck. Today there are dozens of ducky hybrids floating in the pond, all affordable priced at under one hundred quackers.

Go traditional with the Women's Canvas Duck Boots from Lands End Canvas
Trendy with these Pull On Duck Boots pictured above from FreePeople,
or whimsical with the Rubber Duck Reindeer Knit Snowjoggers from Asos.

I might buy all three so I can have all of my duck boots in a row.

I have received twelve+ Ask Sammy queries begging me for new looks for New Year's Eve, so I decided to tackle them all in one champagne cork pop. There is a classic dress code for women on New Year's Eve: either something black, something sequiny, or both.

I'm sticking to the sequins, but instead of going the traditional black, gold or silver sequin color route, I'm going to be an advocate for the unexpected with colorful sequins that haven't made an appearance in your house since your big sis or mom hit their proms back in the 80's.


Instead of blending in in a sea of sequential sequins, stand out in cool pops of light catching colors that beg to be noticed.

This Blue, Hot Pink Striped or Purply Sequin Knit Mini from Forever 21 will fit the bill, and they're all $29 or under, so you can blow all your Christmas cash on multiple champagne refills instead. Add some black/gray/silver tights for warmth, a band tee and some clunky booties for edge and you'll look hot enough to burn the midnight oil when the clock strikes twelve.

I'm really into skirts this year, but you can incorporate the rainbow Skittle sequin trend with any piece, from a sparkle tee or sweatshirt to a clutch or raspberry beret.

Have a Shiny, Happy New Year people.

Katie Holmes's New Year's Resolutions

1. Dress better than Suri.
2. Remember to tuck shirts in all the way.
3. Leave the Church of Scientology.
4. Leave Tom Cruise for Josh Duhamel.


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