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On Wednesday night Ann Ward, the super tall 19 year old self-professed dorky Dallas teen took home the honors as America's Next Top Model, wiping the gap-toothed smile off of front runner Chelsey Hersley's face as Ward won a spread in Italian Vogue, a $10,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics and an IMG modeling contract.

Skinnier than Olive Oyl on Alli, Ann's 6'2 stature made waves on the show, as did her miniscule waist. Personally, I never thought she'd go the distance with her quirky runway walk, her inability to roller skate in commercials and the triumvirate of zits on her chin that she never could quite figure out how to cover up.

I was Team Chelsey all the way. The white blond bombshell from Iowa booked jobs, won competitions and escaped finding herself in the bottom two week after week. She had experience, confidence and freckles. To make a tall story short, Ann took better photographs.

Nevertheless, I'm happy that Ann is giving tall girls a title to strive for other than World's Tallest Woman in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now vertically challenged girls everywhere can dream of growing up to be something other than a basketball player, a really tall stunt woman, a ladderless house painter or a librarian who can reach the highest bookshelf sans a stepping stool.


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I missed the finale. Thankx for the update!

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