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It is said that both good and bad things come in threes: Natural disasters, musketeers, blind mice...buses.

In writing, the rule of three insists that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, more effective and more memorable than any other numerical combination.

When it comes to celebrities, the power of three also comes into play with celebrity baby births, celebrity deaths and the deaths of celebrity relationships.

Hollywood hotties Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds couldn't take the heat so they're getting out of the marital kitchen, filing for divorce after two years of holy matrimony; Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are like, totally broken up after three years of being High School Musical sweethearts; and Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter have put an end to their onscreen incest, killing their relationship off right before the holidays. Hmpf. I was almost positive they'd outlive the awkward union between Batista and Lieutenant LaGuerta.

I haven't decided yet if these break-ups fall into the tragic or comedic categories. What do I know?

I know that Christmas came early this year with a slew of Christmas wishes granted now that People's Sexiest Man Alive and GQ's Babe of the Year are single.

God bless us, everyone.


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I saw all of these coming. Great post. It's hard to find quality writing like yours these days.


jeez. Don't remind me. If I could just get Michael Hall and Ryan Reynolds to leave me alone for FIVE MINUTES my holidays would be complete.

I mean, c'mon guys, I am happily married and have two adorable kids but lets face it, I tried being married to an actor. It ain't gonna work.

Now cry, dry your eyes, and GBTW.

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