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It's been years since I stepped into a Victoria's Secret dressing room... the very same dressing rooms that I basically lived in while working the VS retail circuit as a fashion starved college student.

It wasn't a fun job. VS had a strict all black, no open toed shoes dress code, but the employee discount was enough to make up for the monochromatic work wardrobe, the untidy dressing rooms and the 1 out of every 8 male customers who insisted I try on their potential purchases since I was always conveniently the same size as their significant others.

I returned to the dressing rooms for leisure this weekend, cashing in on a gift card from my beau. While deciding between an xs or small bling bling nightshirt, I made a startling discovery - a new addition to the dressing room walls. A receptacle containing dozens of self-serve packets, of panties.

This is what I saw.

Disposable Hypoallergenic Panty

We're happy to provide this for your use while trying on our garments.
When finished, please put the panty back into the resealable plastic bag
and dispose of in the receptacle located in the fitting room.

I peeked into the resealable plastic bag to find a white gauze thong that loosely resembled a Sars mask. I was perplexed, that is until I had flashbacks of clearing the dressing room floor of nasty panty rejects from women who had just come from the gym (i used the janitor's broom handle).

I like the idea, Victoria's Secret. My gynecologist doesn't even give me fake panties, and I spend a lot more money there than I do on bras.

The bottom line is, women can be gross, even if they are wearing the fanciest VERY SEXY lingerie. My job would have been much more enjoyable if you had these back in the day when I was working the VS beat, not to mention the fact that they make a great Walk of Shame emergency accessory to store in your bag in case you forget to bring a clean pair of undies to your boyfriend's house.

Or if the Sars outbreak ever comes back.

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