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Black Swan Queen For a Day

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This past weekend I relived my budding ballerina days with a viewing of the critically acclaimed, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominated film, Black Swan.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, (the mastermind behind Pi, The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream), Black Swan stars Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers, a young, gifted and meticulous ballet dancer at her prime who wins the coveted role of the Swan Queen in Swan Lake. As the innocent, delicate, virginal and perfectly cast White Swan, Nina struggles to get in touch with her darker side in order to fully capture and rock the dual role of the sinister Black Swan. In her process of self swan discovery, Nina goes a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs as she finds herself locked in a web of competitive intrigue with the new ballerina on the block, the seductively reckless Lily, played by Mila Kunis.


As far as psychothrillers go, Black Swan delivered three acts of on the edge of your seat intrigue, mesmerizing choreography and performances that were as on pointe as the shoes that graced every tightly bunned dancer's feet. Portman, who began rigorous training a full year before production even began, deserves every bit of Oscar buzz dancing around for her intricately layered portrayal of a girl transforming into a woman transforming into a tortured artist. In short, her Swan Queen blew Queen Amidala away.


Things are looking good for Natalie, she is not only being recognized for turning out the performance of her career, but she is also engaged to and expecting a baby with her Black Swan co-star, French choreographer Benjamin Millepied. To wrap up my review, Black Swan is a definite Award season must-see. There's even some hot ballerina on ballerina action that will keep your boyfriend from falling asleep, even though he'll swear he's not into that kind of stuff.

It's been awhile since I performed grand pliés and relevés in a ballet studio, but I longed to slip on my old dancing shoes with the sight of every perfectly executed pirouette. If I were to rediscover my inner swan (the good one), I would start off by investing in the right footwear, like the Glisse by Capezio Pointe Shoes from Dancewear Solutions. Then I would splurge on a twirly girly tutu like Leo's Professional Tutu from Discount Dance Supply, available in pink, white and black if you're nasty. Finally, I'd nail the look with NARS Cream Eyeshadow in pure inky black, the NARS Glitter Pencil in silvery Roxbury, and NARS Lip Lacquer in Diablo.

Now all I need is a tiara and some feathers.


Comments (3)


Natalie is such a great actress and I can't wait to see her dancing


super nice review! i can't wait to see it esp with all the awards it is winnig


Now I have to see it

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