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iPad Case in Point

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Santa, cleverly disguised as the UPS guy is bringing me a very special gift that should be delivered in 0-900 hours.

He had my name confused with some naughty chick, which was surprising since there is a general shortage of Samaras in the Continental US. Nevertheless, he checked his list twice revealing my sugar and spice and everything nice record, issued a swift apology, packed up a brand new shiny iPad and hightailed it back to Florida.

So now I'm on a search, a search for the perfect case.


It's a personal thing, choosing the right cover for your iPad, ereader or other tablet device. I'm finding it even more daunting than procuring the perfect purse. Women have multiple handbags for different occasions, moods, outfits, etc. With one iPad case in rotation, you want to get it right.

Some people might go for the understated look while others want a case that cries out "Hey look at me, I got an iPad...jealous much?"
I narrowed it down to a few options that reflect a few key facets of my iPad personality.

1. Traditional. The portfolio-like Leather Parcel Tablet Sleeve from Fossil appeals to my chic businesswoman side with vintage-inspired herringbone, genuine leather, suede interior and an easy wrap and go cord for $40. I dig how it doesn't scream iPad case. I could easily have important documents, contracts or the next great American novel in there. If you're looking for something classic, I rest my case.

2. Smart. If you're focused on functionality, the Brenthaven 5-in-1 case from Kolobags features five fab features and options that provide protection, an ez-grip handle for portability, a typing stand, horizontal viewing stand and a cool strap attachment system to view shows on the go. My smart side knows I'm getting more bang for my buck for $59.95.

3. Earthy. For the same price as the 5-in-1, the DODOCase features a faux black leather cover and an eco-friendly bamboo interior available in 8 different pops of color. Your iPad never has to leave its case thanks to the fold back exterior and elastic strap that make it so user friendly, even a DODO can work it.

Now I just have to choose.

Worst-case scenario, I hate it and ask Santa for another cover next Christmas.

Comments (5)

Jackson :

Thanks for all the info, your blog is extremely helpful.


I like the dodo one best, it is more versatile


They are all really cool choices


nice collection to choose from

olive thomas:

I would go with the DODO. cheap, but not too cheap.

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