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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have broken up. I am oddly torn up about this.

No, this is not how I wanted to start off my New Year. I invested a lot in Jake and Taylor. I was 73.948% sure that Juliet had finally found her Romeo. In fact, they were my #1 draft pick for my Fantasy Celeb Romance League.

You have to admit that they were gosh darn'it cute together during their two month whirlwind romance, picking apples, sipping coffees and trying to stay under the radar in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and London.

What happened? Where did it all go wrong?

Maybe it was the age difference. Maybe it was their schedules. Maybe Jake finally saw Taylor's awkward performance in Valentine's Day.

I'm used to doling out sound advice when it comes to fashion rather than matters of the heart, but if I were Taylor I'd stay away from the teen werewolves, the A list movie stars and the John Mayers of the world.

Stay Country Strong (in theatres Friday) Tay.

There is a boy out there who is perfect for you. One who will bring you chicken soup when you're sick, keep your guitars in tune, compliment you whether your hair is corskcrew curly or flat-ironed straight. Hold out for the guy who will rub your feet for you after a long day of touring Taylor.

Those are the guys who deserve to have songs written about them.

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I LOVE Taylor!She can do better

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