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Michigan Kid Rocks My World

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I'm leaving on a jet plane en route from Detroit to Ft Lauderdale and since I have free in-flight Wi-fi, (thanks Delta) I felt impelled to blog about all of the things I loved about my journey up north while I'm still in a Michigan state of mind.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Heart Michigan

10. Chic Michiganistas on the street showed me 4 new ways how to rock a scarf.

9. The scenic, snowy, curvy and hilly roads oozing with Thomas Kinkadelike charm.

8. Fireplaces.

7. Cool Cuban cuisine in Ann Arbor & banging burritos in Mexican Town.

6. The intense loyalty and adoration that Michiganites have for Kid Rock.


5. Caribou Coffee.

4. The fact that I didn't sweat, not once.

3. Pastys.

2. Mackinac Island is pronounced Mackinaw Island. Ultra cool. Knick Naw Patty Whaw, Give Your Dog a Bone.

1. My hair looks awesome there.

What I Didn't Like About Michigan

1. The fact that I'm not there anymore.

Comments (3)


hey there now that's what I call real writing! You are talented my friend.


you shouldve gone to german town! that really rocks !


I was born in Michigan but live in Chicago now. It's a great state!

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