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Twin Sets - Then and Now

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When it comes to my fashion sense and sensibility, I will always covet classic pieces over trends.

I have held this stance ever since I became the object of ridicule at my eighth grade school dance for showing up in a bra and suspenders with jeans à la Kelly Kapowski of Saved By the Bell.

I will, on occasion experiment with a new trend when the price is right, but if I am spending a considerable amount of fash cash (fashion currency), I want it to last in my wardrobe rotation for more than a week.

One classic combination that will never go out of style - The Twinset.


According to Wikipedia, A twinset, twin set or sweater-set is a matching set of a cardigan and a (usually) short-sleeved jumper or pullover. The twinset first appeared in the 1940s, but is now considered a classic wardrobe staple.

Our Moms and Nanas both adhered to the twinset trend that also graced the closets of style icons like Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. It's easy to embrace this vintage combo with confidence, a look that is flattering on women of all ages and body shapes. Although the popularity of the twinset will never die, there are a few key rules to keep the look more Modern vs. Mad Men, more chic than secretarial. Take this adorable page pictured above from the January JCrew catalog for consideration:

Twinset Tops

Then: A lady matched her twinset top with her cardigan
Now: Colors can be monochromatic or mixed up offering more color combinations for your buck

Twinset Accessories

Then: The classic string of pearls
Now: The chunky, sparkly cocktail necklace

Twinset Bottoms

Then: Skirts of the full or pencil variety, and/or khaki capris
Now: Short shorts, dress slacks or jeans

Today's thoroughly moden Millies can score twinsets from virtually any women's retailer, but I'd hit JCrew, Leon Levin (the home of the World's finest polo shirt) and Land's End first.

Another reason to love twinsets?

They make the "twins" look fabulous, and by "the twins", I mean breasts.

Comments (9)


thanks, I value your opinion :)


The "twins", ha ha ha


That necklace is so coolt!


Dude this blog rules


Not a look for me. Looks too old and stuffy.


My mom has dozens of these. Nice to know shes still in fashion


I love Jcrew cashmere sweaters, they are soooo soft


I really think the writing in your blog is very cool and complex, in a good way.;)

maddie m.:

I love the throwback to the 50s and 60s

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