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After watching the latest installment of The Bachelor last night, (guilty pleasure, don't judge) I realized that these chicks must go through a lot of prep work to be on this show. From a year's worth of rose ceremony-ready cocktail gowns to multiple mani-pedis, laser hair removal and spray tans, these gals are highly maintained. Not to mention the amount of teenie weenie bikinis needed on hand to make the most out of their well-oiled hot tub time machine segments.

I haven't seen any must-have Sammy bikinis while scouting out the new season, but I'm crazy about former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky's Shimmer Separates Bikini from Seafolly, as featured in USWeekly.


Life's still a beach for Ali. Long after she wrapped filming and met the man of her dreams she's still looking as happy as a clam and as beach-ready as ever.

Want Ali's look? Mix or match a variety of shimmery and stylin' bikini pieces that come in a variety of eye-popping colors, from my favorite Australian swimwear brand, Seafolly.

*Find your perfect set of Seafolly separates at www.instyleswimwear.com.

Good things come in small packages. Hershey's kisses, 5'3" style blogging brunettes, and anything that arrives in a robin egg blue box from Tiffany's.

While online shopping at Nordstrom yesterday, I saw a feature on the new "Spring It Thing" in accessories - the Mini Crossbody.

I love miniatures. They make me feel like a big girl in a small world. Plus, they give my aching shoulders and back a break from carrying around so much excess baggage. These mini crossbodys call for only the essentials - cash, credit cards, cell, ID, lipgloss, elastic hair bands, Midol, mini flask, dog treats, forever stamps, Tide-To-Go stick, Emergen-C, mini stapler, contact solution and keys. Like I said, only the essentials.


My upscale fave featured at Nordstrom is handbags down, Juicy Couture's Hot Pink Mini Perforated Crossbody for $148 that will add a precious pop of Spring color to every outfit.

As for the more budget-friendly bags, I'm loving the severe Suede Mini Chain Turnlock Crossbody from Fossil, the latte hued Alex Mini Lambskin Leather Crossbody from Hype for $82.90 and you can't get any more handbag bang for your buck than with this adorably affordable Faux Leather Crossbody for $8.97 from Tilly's.


Model Gilly

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Happy SuperBowl XLV

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Don't take it personally.


Should men really buy their girlfriends lingerie for Valentine's Day? I mean, isn't it really like, a gift for him?

- Anonymous


*Let me preface this post by stating that 1) this question was not emailed to me and 2) it isn't really anonymous.

This Ask Sammy query comes directly from the mouth of Babe (my boyfriend) when we passed by a rather suggestive Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day themed window display that revealed half a dozen mannequin torsos with all one dozen boobies decked out in various red, black and pink bra and bustier concoctions.

I gave my man my two cents and realized that there are probably a lot of other hot-blooded males out there wondering the very same thing. I seriously doubt that those hot-blooded males read my blog on a daily basis, but perhaps their girlfriends/significant others are Let's Talk Style regulars who will cleverly pass my intel along, just in time for the big V-Day.

Listen up fellas. Lingerie is a gift that you and your lady love can enjoy together, but keep in mind that every girl is different. Some girls adore lingerie, some are allergic to it. So your first order of business is to determine whether your lady is pro or anti intimate apparel. If she is anti intimates, case closed, buy her some chocolates, champagne, a Coach bag or something she does like. (p.s. - You can also get her these things as well as the sexy underthings for extra credit).

If she does like lingerie, here are a few ground rules to consider:
1. Do not buy her shapewear. If you ever hope to have sexual relations again, do not buy her shapewear.

2. Do not buy her any novelty lingerie (i.e. World of Warcraft costumes, bunny suits, crotchless anything) unless she is totally into that.

3. Do pay attention to any sleepwear she comes to bed in that isn't a ratty T-shirt, pj pants or something a grandma would wear. Try to get a feel for what makes her feel sexy and confident. Some girls love babydolls while others love boyshorts. If she has multiples of it lying in her lingerie drawer, she probably likes it.

4. Whatever size you think she is, do buy her a size smaller. She can always exchange it and you'll look like a rock star for thinking she's tinier.

*Warning- this can also backfire and you might end up with your woman locked in the bathroom crying because she can't squeeze into your gift. To avoid this drama, do go through her underwear drawer to find sizes for reference. Once you find these sizes, do close the drawer. Do back away from the drawer. Do not try on anything in that drawer.

If you still want to get her lingerie but still have no clue, do treat her to a gift card so the two of you can pick something out together. This will also help when next Valentine's Day rolls around.

5. Do not give her a gift card for $5 or $10.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

A Tilly's Change of A Dress

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Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow last Wenesday, thus predicting an early spring.

This pleases me. Not only in sympathy for my northern friends who have been battling snowstorm after snowstorm, but because along with the change of seasons comes the inevitable change of a dress.

Most folks live in beach houses and tikki huts over the summer. I live in maxi dresses. I love how versatile they are, paired with flip flops and a tote for an easy, breezy beach look; accessorized with high wedges and chunky jewelry for a tropical date night ensemble. They can also camouflage the unfortunate remnants of winter: Casper white, dry and/or unshaven legs.

I pre-purchased my first new maxi dress of the season from Tilly's this past weekend. I couldn't resist the Angie Scarf Maxi Dress with its flowery/paisley print, smock top and floor skimming length. It was only $24.99, and it wasn't even on sale.

Thanks Phil. I was this close to wanting to destroy my sweater dresses.


The Eye Glass Was Half Pink

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I don't know what it is, but the closer it gets to Valentine's Day, the more I want everything to be pink.

Somewhere around the 8th of February I find myself seriously craving pink frosted heart-shaped donuts, pink lemonade, strawberry fro-yo, Bazooka bubble gum and honey smoked ham... and I don't even like ham.

The same thing applies to my wardrobe. One day I'm wearing my go-to neutral tones, the next I'm all Molly Ringwald circa 1986 reaching for pink minis, skinnies, watches and whatever pink prom dress I can find at the thrift store to revamp Project Runway style.

The pink craze is even filtering into my eyewear, as I recently found myself obsessed with these Pink Chloris 3.1 Phillip Lim Eyeglasses, as featured in the new February issue of Nylon magazine.

The top half is sugar and spice and everything nice in a ladylike shade of cotton candy pink while the bottom half is chic, understated and crystal clear. I want them. So much more than that honey smoked ham.

I'm off. I suddenly have an urge to create a Pink Floyd station on Pandora.


Be ALDO's Valentine

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ALDO's knows that the way to a woman's heart is through discount shoes, which is why they are treating us ladies (and gents) to 10% off and free shipping on mobile and online orders now through Valentine's Day with code LOVE11.

Be still my heart.



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Today is Valentine's Day.

Today you are either smiling, stuffing your face with chocolate and walking to the beat of a Barry White ballad, or you're cursing Hallmark, every one of your stupid exes and that Roman Saint Valentine priest guy who performed secret marriages, thus inspiring this whole bogus holiday in the first place.

This year I fall into the first group, oozing with romantic lovey dovey gestures and feelings that would have formerly driven me to the nearest toilet to hurl my early morning Egg McMuffin.

If you fall into the second group, I have four words for you: Be your own Valentine.

Buy yourself a box of chocolates that you don't have to share with anyone, toss back a bottle of champagne (after work) and/or splurge on those shoes/that dress/that bag/makeup/jewelry/puppy that you've been eyeing because you love yourself and you deserve it.

You'll also never break up with yourself and feel like a nimrod for shelling out all that cash on a total loser.


Best Grammy Gowns 2011

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The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Good day Let's Talk Stylers/music lovers. I am slammed here at work, so I hope you'll be a'ight with my swift Cliff Notes Grammy recap.

- Lady Antebellum won a lot of stuff.
- Justin Beiber won P. Diddly squat.
- Christina Aguilera performed and remembered the lyrics.
- Arcade Fire won best Album of the Year(!)
- Cee Lo Green + Muppets + Gwyneth Paltrow = awkward awesomeness.
- Sade is still making music.

I will also keep my best dressed and worst dressed list short, sweet and under 16 bars.



Lea Michele - Well sung and extraordinary in Emilio Pucci.

LeAnn Rimes - I don't like the way you have affairs with married men and break up marriages, but I like your Reem Acra dress. Bygones.

Julianne Hough - I Dig the plunging neckline and the print. A marvel in Malandrino.

Jennifer Hudson - In Versace. You go on with your bad self.


Janelle Monae - The only way this look would have been appropriate is if you were Brandon Flowers from the Killers, Kd Lang, or a gay Lyle Lovett.

Willow Smith - You are not Scary Spice. You are way too young to be screwing up this royally on the red carpet. Next time, steal something from your mom's closet. I'm pretty sure you're the same size.

Nicki Monaj - Look out Lady Gaga, there is a new Bride of Frankenstein/poorly dressed kitty cat in town.

Next stop, Oscars.


I used to think that all things mod revolved around Twiggy, The Avengers' Emma Peel and Felicity Shagwell. I never fully embraced mod until I went Stark Raving Mod.

On Valentine's Day, Las Vegas's newest concept boutique, phenom, launched the white hot new Stark Raving Mod brand at the Pool Trade Show (the leading art and design driven fashion trade show for emerging brands, fyi).

The Stark Raving Mod collection consists of a series of mod-inspired illustrations dangerously displayed on men's and women's t-shirts, belt buckles and watches, all designed by the brilliant graphic artist, fashion visionaire and all around hipser, Sean D'Anconia.


I dig Sean, his doodles, his threads and his mod outlook on life. What do I dig even more? The fact that all of his mod shirts have rock star names like Kiss Miss Bang Bang, Mod as Hell and Little Miss Modest... not to mention that these tees work undercover, sporting a cool reversible Spy-Who-Shagged-Me-like image on the inside.

You can also score Sean's designs decked out on limited edition watches, belt buckles and a line of bags coming soon to a phenom near you.

It's a mod, mod, mod, mod world.


Even though I wanted desperately to go to there, I am not in New York previewing the Fall 2011 Collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

I will refrain from pouting. I will, however, take advantage of the latest technology and watch the live streaming of the Michael Kors runway show live from New York this morning at 10am Eastern Standard time.

Join me here in an hour if you like. I'll bring the popcorn.


Model Call of Nature

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Would someone please tell this model that this is not the way you use an outhouse.


Straw Hats Off To You

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I observed my Presidents' Day off yesterday by thumbing through the stacks and stacks of magazines and catalogs that have accumulated in my foyer, searching for some speck of springtime inspiration. I found it. In every fashion themed rag I devoured, there was one common denominator that is a must have for the next two seasons -- the straw hat.

I love Jane March's style in The Lover (L'amant), the 1992 provocative predecessor to An Education where a young French girl returning home from boarding school ends up getting schooled in the subject of romance by a handsome and wealthy Chinese businessman.

The film is set in French Colonial Vietnam circa 1929, and Jane radiantly rocks this effortless belted neutral shift with a pair of braids and a classic straw boater hat for a classic combination that is both timeless and Lolitaesque without being for lack of a better word, hobaggish.


If you like the look, Urban Outfitters tosses their straw hats in the ring with your choice of the Shallow Crown Fedora or the Cooperative Straw Boater featured at $29 each. If you want a more luxe look, Eugenia Kim offers her posh Max Toyo Fedora for $285.

Most chicks will be sporting their straw millinery with bikinis and cutoff shorts this spring/summer, but I will be marching to the beat of Jane March's drum, pairing my straw headwear with understated, ladylike dresses to create looks that are simple, chic and totally old hat.

I recently discovered that A-list actress Kate Bosworth is branching out, stepping away from the silver screen and towards the silver plated jewelry as she joins forces with celeb stylist Cher Coulter to bring fashion blinganistas the designer jewelry styles they crave slash the designer prices they can't afford, with JewelMint.com.


In short, JewelMint is a members-only subscription jewelry line that delivers a new piece of jewelry every month chosen especially for you. Why wasn't this gem of an idea capitalized on sooner? It's like BMG Music Service or Costo, but with pretty accessories.

Here's how it works: You start by taking a fun style quiz pointing out your go-to fashion icons, fav nail colors, style mags, etc. (Based on my quiz I "dress to impress". Right on.) Next, you step into your personal jewelry showroom to check out styles chosen based on your unique personality. Then you shop and save on your favorite trinkets and treasures.

I have to say, they nailed my jewelry style right down to the Farrah Fawcett inspired lariat. I'm also blue crushing on the soft brushed gold plated Sweetheart Ring that houses a perfect heart accented with tiny clear crystals. I'm also given style tips on what outfits to pair it with (As if I need tips. Do you know who I am?).


Membership is $30 a month, which isn't much in exchange for access to the hottest designer jewelry trends, not to mention saving up to 70% below retail value with most $100 pieces featured at $29.99.

p.s. If you corral a bunch of your bling lovin' girlfriends you'll score free jewelry, earning a JewelMint credit each time a gal pal you refer makes their first purchase.

Just like with our wardrobes, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a ring/earring rut, wearing the same signature pieces day in and day out. In a way, JewelMint forces you to treat yourself, only without the upscale jewelry store guilt.

So if you are a lover of innovative baubles, beads and all things icy, join the Kate club. It's a great way to step outside of the jewelry box.

Model Jem

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Model attempting to be truly, truly, truly outrageous.


Last night I had a vested interest in the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, and not only because I entered the $100,000 Outguess Roger Ebert contest (which I did by the way). One of my best friends was actually there walking the red carpet at the Kodak Theater, representing his masterpiece of a film - The Social Network. He wasn't asked if he was wearing Prada, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana, but he did celebrate a whopping win alongside Aaron Sorkin (for Best Adapted Screenplay) who thanked him by name for his mad Facebook researching skills.

I haven't had the chance to get the scoop from him on what the Oscar chicks really look like all up close and personal, but I'm sure we'll social network about that later.

In the meantime, here are my best dressed pics of the evening:


Halle Berry was the best dressed Oscar gem of the night, glowing in one million dollars worth of Neil Lane jewels and a nude and sparkly Marchesa gown that had a glamorous Old Hollywood feel to it, a perfect fit for her heartfelt tribute to old school songstress, Lena Horne.

Mila Kunis looked soft and sweet in her lacy lavender Elie Saab that revealed the right amount of rack, the right amount of ruffle and basically all the right stuff all around.

My total recall of Gwyneth Paltrow's metallic Calvin Klein sheath is that it was chic, modern and a lesson in understated sparkle. I also adored her hip bling paired with her Louis Vuitton earrings. I have seen the future, and it promises more red carpet dresses like this for Gwynnie.

Along with the good comes the bad. Sorry ladies.


Cate Blanchett. I'm confused, was this a Haute Couture Givenchy gown or a beaded crafts project that your children helped you with? I don't get how the yellow beaded neck details go with lilac, or why your bodice reminded me of laser tag.

Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior. You've moved so far and away from your past Oscar red carpet moments, and now your 15th birthday quince dress choices make me want to keep my eyes wide shut. p.s. Your husband had on more makeup than you.

Helena Bonham Carter in Colleen Atwood. So nice of you to show up at the Oscars fresh off the stage from your Sunday matinee of Macbeth. This look is totally Union jacked up, but take a breath, enjoy your win for Best Picture and relax. Award season is over, and with it my harassment...

until next year.

Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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