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I used to think that all things mod revolved around Twiggy, The Avengers' Emma Peel and Felicity Shagwell. I never fully embraced mod until I went Stark Raving Mod.

On Valentine's Day, Las Vegas's newest concept boutique, phenom, launched the white hot new Stark Raving Mod brand at the Pool Trade Show (the leading art and design driven fashion trade show for emerging brands, fyi).

The Stark Raving Mod collection consists of a series of mod-inspired illustrations dangerously displayed on men's and women's t-shirts, belt buckles and watches, all designed by the brilliant graphic artist, fashion visionaire and all around hipser, Sean D'Anconia.


I dig Sean, his doodles, his threads and his mod outlook on life. What do I dig even more? The fact that all of his mod shirts have rock star names like Kiss Miss Bang Bang, Mod as Hell and Little Miss Modest... not to mention that these tees work undercover, sporting a cool reversible Spy-Who-Shagged-Me-like image on the inside.

You can also score Sean's designs decked out on limited edition watches, belt buckles and a line of bags coming soon to a phenom near you.

It's a mod, mod, mod, mod world.


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Margaret :

I really like the illustrations Does he sell them as prints too?


The MOD AS HELL shirt is awesome

Free Episodes Online:

Nice stuff. I like that they have stuff for dudes too

maddie m.:


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