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Should men really buy their girlfriends lingerie for Valentine's Day? I mean, isn't it really like, a gift for him?

- Anonymous


*Let me preface this post by stating that 1) this question was not emailed to me and 2) it isn't really anonymous.

This Ask Sammy query comes directly from the mouth of Babe (my boyfriend) when we passed by a rather suggestive Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day themed window display that revealed half a dozen mannequin torsos with all one dozen boobies decked out in various red, black and pink bra and bustier concoctions.

I gave my man my two cents and realized that there are probably a lot of other hot-blooded males out there wondering the very same thing. I seriously doubt that those hot-blooded males read my blog on a daily basis, but perhaps their girlfriends/significant others are Let's Talk Style regulars who will cleverly pass my intel along, just in time for the big V-Day.

Listen up fellas. Lingerie is a gift that you and your lady love can enjoy together, but keep in mind that every girl is different. Some girls adore lingerie, some are allergic to it. So your first order of business is to determine whether your lady is pro or anti intimate apparel. If she is anti intimates, case closed, buy her some chocolates, champagne, a Coach bag or something she does like. (p.s. - You can also get her these things as well as the sexy underthings for extra credit).

If she does like lingerie, here are a few ground rules to consider:
1. Do not buy her shapewear. If you ever hope to have sexual relations again, do not buy her shapewear.

2. Do not buy her any novelty lingerie (i.e. World of Warcraft costumes, bunny suits, crotchless anything) unless she is totally into that.

3. Do pay attention to any sleepwear she comes to bed in that isn't a ratty T-shirt, pj pants or something a grandma would wear. Try to get a feel for what makes her feel sexy and confident. Some girls love babydolls while others love boyshorts. If she has multiples of it lying in her lingerie drawer, she probably likes it.

4. Whatever size you think she is, do buy her a size smaller. She can always exchange it and you'll look like a rock star for thinking she's tinier.

*Warning- this can also backfire and you might end up with your woman locked in the bathroom crying because she can't squeeze into your gift. To avoid this drama, do go through her underwear drawer to find sizes for reference. Once you find these sizes, do close the drawer. Do back away from the drawer. Do not try on anything in that drawer.

If you still want to get her lingerie but still have no clue, do treat her to a gift card so the two of you can pick something out together. This will also help when next Valentine's Day rolls around.

5. Do not give her a gift card for $5 or $10.


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I am going to forward this to my boy friend


Just give her cash. Its easier.


Your are a lifesaver and mind reader


Hi Sammy,
I'm in eighth grade, and the school's hosting a dance. :)
Kinda like prom, but not as fancy. Still, I wanna look rockin' glamorous. I'm not that girly, and don't like pink. Absolutely no bows or frills. Also, I'm pear-shaped and short. Any ideas for clothes? (and to make myself seem taller?)

Thanks so much!


Great tips,I need them ha ha ha

Torie :

Two Words: BLOG HEAVEN. I have hit the motherload.:)

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