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Cheerio Let's Talk Stylers!

I am now back and settled in from my European vacation and my mind, body and soul are finally starting to ease back into Eastern Standard time.

I had a bloody brilliant time in London where the brit chicks are more enthused about Kate Middleton & Prince William's upcoming nuptials than they are about finding their own Colin Firths and Prince Charmings. Your American girl on the English street hit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Strand, Trafalgar Square, Notting Hill, Portobello Market, Piccadilly Circus and went up 135-meters (443 ft) in the London Eye in order to get a bird's eye view of all the British trends of the season.

Although the majority of the styles I spied with my English eye were conservative due to the chill in the London air (think dark belted jackets, boots, skinny jeans, jeggings, newsboy caps and pea coats) I was surprised to find myself lost in translation while hitting the shops before I even set foot in France.


If you're scouting Expedia or Yapta for an upcoming trip to jolly old London, here is a handy British to American fashion glossary I've comprised to help you tell your ascot from your trainers.

knickers = panties
frock = dress
vest = tank top
waistcoat = vest
jumper = sweater
pullover = sweater
polo neck = turtle neck
playsuit = romper
dressing gown = robe
sunnies = sunglasses
braces = suspenders
suspenders = garter belts
snoods = scarves
collars = necklaces
creepers = cool brit kicks
purses = wallets
cardie = cardigan
pinny = apron
trousers = pants
trainers = sneakers
wellies = rainboots/galoshes

What did I score? A fancy pair of lavender panties, these old school Risky Businesslike sunglasses from Topshop, a fab wallet from Yumi and a turtle neck sweater dress from Apricot on sale for 7 pounds...

Bollocks. Let's try this again, shall we?

I scored a fancy pair of lavender knickers, these old school Risky Businesslike sunnies from Topshop, a fab change purse from Yumi and a polo neck jumper frock from Apricot on sale for 7 pounds... or is it polo neck pullover frock?

Bugger it.

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Im glad you had a good time Sammy~


Headed to England in August. Thanks for the tips!


This is really funny ( :


British folks are weird


This blog is very funny. Keep blogging.

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