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HoneyBear Your Hair

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There are many terms of endearment that I do not like. Dear, Toots, Snooki, Shorty. I also despise made up words that can not be cited in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, mostly ending in ey or ie - patootie, schmoopsie, poopsie, baba booey.

Don't get me wrong, there is a select sprinkling of one word terms that I love being addressed with - i.e. Sunshine, Angel, Baby, Pumpkin, Darling. It's when those words are combined with other words to create an ultra sickeningly sweet pet name hybrid that makes me really want to punch someone in the kidney. Angel-puss, Baby-cakes, Sugar-booger...Muffin-top.

There is one word that I adore, alone or in any other combination. Honey.

Honey-lamb, Honey-bunny, Honey-toast, Honey-pie, Honey bunches of oats... Whatever honey handle you want to call me, I'll answer. Everyone loves honey. To sweeten your tea, ease a sore throat, whip up a homemade facial mask or to make mustard awesomer, honey has always been one of my favorite substances.


This is precisely why I'm so sweet on my newest honey discovery, Honey'do Shampoo from A Beautiful Life Brands. These all natural paraben and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are formulated with organic honey to produce unbelievable shine, bounce, and manageability. Plus they come packaged in these simply irresistible Honey-bear shaped bottles to add a little whimsy while you wash, rinse and repeat.

Honey-bear your hair for only $16 a bottle, $30 for a set of shampoo and conditioner.

Just make sure your Honey-bear/stoner boyfriend doesn't bogart your bottle for later use.

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do they make your hair smell like honey?


Those shampoo bottles are so adorbs

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