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At times we are ruled by our vices. Some people smoke like chimneys, some folks stuff their faces with chocolate covered anything, others gamble their kids' college funds away every weekend at the craps tables.

My vice isn't really harmful to my health, waistline or financial security, but it is a problem. I'm addicted to fashion magazines.

I currently have a dozen or so subscriptions to my name (not to mention new age digital subscriptions on my iPad à-la- Zinio). I have more magazine racks/baskets in my home than I have matching wine glasses and/or lighting fixtures. This weekend I discovered just how bad my obsession was when I asked my boyfriend to please refrain from using my glossy new Interview magazine cover as a coaster for his coffee. Sorry babe.

As bad as my addiction is, my trip to Europe made it worse, literally opening up a whole new world of magazines to me.


It began innocently enough. I had a handful of one and two Euro coins left in my change purse, and wanted to spend them all before I headed back to the states. My plan was simple, pick up a few fistfuls of fab French candies from the newsstand at the Metro station to bring home when I saw them: a bunch of pocket-sized French fashion mags listed for 1 euro and 1.50 euro each. Score.

Never mind that I can't understand a single word in these French mags other than très chic, très hip, très sexy! I learned that fashion magazines are universal. I thumbed right to the main fashion editorial spreads where they listed the designers' names and prices (I can read French numbers).

Here is a rundown of my top 10 French magazines on the scene.

10. Purple - Not your French grand-mère's magazine. Real, raw and anti-fashion flavor.

9. Marie Claire France - Simply put, Marie Claire, en français.

8. Muteen - France's answer to Teen Vogue, only cooler, grungier and cheaper.

7. Numéro - Fashion, art, luxury. Très fanastique.

6. Elle France - Elle, en français.

5.Le Figaro Madame - Natalie Portman was on the cover of this mini mag and I spent 3.5 hours trying to translate her interview during the plane trip home.

4. Jalouse - I'm 99.8% sure this means jealous in French. Jalouse much?

3. Be.com - I wanted every model's haircut in this mag. A magazine for the now generation and one of my favorite newsstand scores.

2. La Femme Actuelle - A little bit of everything French and feminine. Reminded me of Glamour, but with more beauty marks.

1. Vogue Paris - Fashion begins and ends here. The end all be all of fashion magazines.

Vive le French Vogue.

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Do they offer subscriptions to America?


yes stacey, you can find most of them on amazon. just expect to pay up to $90 - $100 per subscription for a year.

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