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Today is a good day for America.

As much as I would love to offer commentary and reflection on our country's most recent victory against terrorism, this blog is entitled "Lets Talk Style", not "Let's Talk Osama", so I shall venture across the Atlantic instead to concentrate my blogging efforts on more topical worldy fashion related events - like the best and worst dressed at the Royal Wedding.

Kate Middleton put rumors to rest and won a place in all of our hearts as she gracefully waltzed down the Westminster Abbey aisle in Alexander McQueen, wearing a gown that can only be described as pure perfection. The long-sleeve lace, ivory and satin gown was designed by Sarah Burton, the 36-year-old creative director of the British fashion house who took over after McQueen's untimely death. Kate's bridal choice was classic, traditional, elegant, modern, yet timelessly regal, bearing unmistakable similarities to the iconic wedding dresses of Princess Grace of Monaco and Queen Elizabeth II modernized with a flattering V neckline, McQueen's trademark Victorian corseted bodice and 8 foot train.


The gown was so popular in fact, that it will soon be on display in the UK, so the public can take in the skilled British craftsmanship all up close and personal for themselves. Besides her fancy frock that served as something new, Queen Elizabeth II contributed something borrowed, lending Kate the Cartier-designed "halo" tiara that sparkled under a simple lace-edged veil. No word yet on the something blue.

Kate's sis Pippa also rocked the royal runway as Kate's dutiful Maid of Honor in a simple white sheath designed by Sarah Burton as well. As for the Queen Mum, she took a cue from Coldplay and was all yellow in a bright, bright sunshiney day dress, coat and hat combination designed by Angela Kelly.

Now is the time when I usually single out those who royally screwed up, and royal watchers are expecting me to go on a rant about Princess Bea's ridicka-licka-licka-lous hat, but here's the thing: Brits always wear funky hats to events like these. It's their thing, like tea and crumpets and blood pudding. I was expecting it. Even our dear beloved Kate has experienced a slight millinery misstep. So in summation, the only thing I have left to say is that everyone looked major. As if it really mattered, all eyes were on Kate anyway.

Oh yeah, one last thing.

Suck it, Osama.

I'm an eBag Lady

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Most men will never understand this, but there are many reasons why a woman may need a new handbag, even if her current number of handbags falls into the double and/or triple digit categories. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to the following list:

1. One of her favorite bags broke.
2. One of her favorite bags was lost or stolen.
3. She recently acquired a new dress/outfit/shoes and needs a new bag to match it.
4. Her girlfriend just got a new bag and she is jealous.
5. Her boyfriend/husband just got a raise and she is greedy.
6. She had a bad day at work and wants to console herself.
7. She had a good day at work and wants to reward herself.
8. She had an okay day at work and just really wants a new bag.

No matter what your underlying reason is for wanting a new bag, there is one constant that you can always rely on. eBags will have it, and will most likely have it for less.

Case in point: Just take a peek at the Rebecca Minkoff beauties below (the bags, not the models):


If you love designer handbags, eBags is your ultimate online designer baggage destination featuring styles from L.A.M.B., Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, and more of the most-wanted bags of the season including Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag (big enough to tote your toiletries + a change of clothes to avoid the dreaded morning walk of shame) and the Classic Clutch that will make a classic Minkoff statement night or day.

Don't just take my word for it, become an eBag believer yourself. Whether you need a new gym bag, luggage, diaper bag, laptop bag or iPad case, eBags has it all and will deliver your bag of choice to your door at a discount, with free shipping on orders over $100. This works out well for me because I, myself, need a new bag.


It's Tuesday.

Model Mayo

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I don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo because five servings of mayo is like, totally fattening.


The 137th Annual Kentucky Derby is just a day away, the premiere horse racing event where the country's finest thoroughbreds race for the roses while Derby dames race to place first in the best dressed division.

An honored tradition since 1875, "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports" is as much a fashion show as it is a horse show, with Derby fashionistas and attendees spending just as much cash on their race day wardrobe as they throw down at the betting windows.

Last year I gambled on Supermodel Marisa Miller to place 1st on the best dressed list, and my girl won by a nose, sporting a strapless bubble dress and hat combo that oozed sweet Southern Belle-like charm, grace and femininity.


If you will be attending the festivities in Louisville tomorrow, here are a few quick style tips that should keep you from scratching the moment you get out of the car.

Do wear a hat. All women wear hats to the Kentucky Derby, especially big crazy ones. Derby hats are not only a fashion tradition; they're also said to be good luck. You didn't get to wear a crazy/big hat to the Royal Wedding, so here's your chance.

With that said...

Don't wear a hat that takes up too much real estate. The Derby is a crowded event and you don't want your Triple X-wide brimmed hat smashed every time someone brushes past you on their way to the bar for a refill. Also make sure that it stays on your head. A few bobby pins should do it.

Don't wear a crazy/big hat and a crazy dress. Limit your craziness to one piece.

Don't wear a dress that is too short. One mint julep too many and I'm betting a cell-phone video of your thong will eventually end up circulating on YouTube.

Don't wear jeans. This goes for girls and guys. The Derby attendees who are dressed to the nines will think you look like a schmuck.

Don't wear a full on horse suit or horse hat. Everyone will think you look like a schmuck... and they will be right.

Hope these tips keep you on the right racetrack.

Stick with me, I'm always a safe bet.

My favorite line from the 1992 film Reality Bites is Ethan Hawke's response to seeing Winona Ryder all dolled up for her date with Ben Stiller.

"You look like a doily".

Although I agreed with Troy Dyer and disliked Lelaina's lacy/pleated/eyelet sleeved frock, today Eyelet it be known that anything featuring eyelet fabric is big for Spring.

For instance, you can splurge on this straight off the runway Adam Lippes Eyelet Sundress featured at Shopbop for $495, or you can whisper words of wisdom in the enchanting Eyelet It Be Dress from ModCloth for less than a quarter of the price, at $104.99.


Then, Eyelet you save even more on these adorable Eyelet Shorts for $34.50, from dELiA*s.

Next Eyelet off some steam by wishing some friends a happy birthday on Facebook. Eyelet them eat cake.

Last, but not least, Eyelet you put your best foot forward in these classic and dainty Eyelet Keds à la dELiA*s for day and these All Eyelets on Shoe Heels from ModCloth for night.

Now, Eyelet you go shop.

The new Season of True Blood is only a hop, skip and a bite away with Season 4 premiering on HBO June 26 at 9pm ET/PT.

I can't think of a better way to commemorate my reunion with Sookie Stackhouse, her cutie brother Jason, shapeshifter Sam, Lafayette and the rest of the fun loving Bon Temps bunch than by sporting this heathered grey Bon Temps Football tee from dELiA*s that pays homage to the fictional Louisiana town that is the home of swamps, Merlotte's, and all things bloody and vampy.

Wearing it will make you want to do bad things.


Dear Marisa Miller,

Recently, I singled you out as last year's best dressed celeb in attendance at the 136th Annual Kentucky Derby, then you had to go and out derby do yourself again.

Yes, you effortlessly maintained your lead ahead of the pack at this year's Run For the Roses, pulling a complete 180 from last year's demure Millie Pearl cotillion coquette to a Boardwalk Empire era flapperesque femme fatale. In a sea of unsavory sombreros, you played it cool in a chic cloche and cleavage revealing gown that made many Mucho Macho Men hold their horses.

Thank you for mixing it up and keeping things exciting by taking the derby road less traveled by. You've made your style blogging mama proud, and I no longer harbor any resentment towards you for having bigger boobs than me.



Water for Elephants

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I just finished reading the New York Times bestselling novel, Water For Elephants.

I don't want to give too much away since I need to save my winning commentary and sassy book smarts for my upcoming round table book club discussion, but I can say that it was a thoroughly engaging Depression era tale that gave me a new appreciation for the old school circus that our grandparents and great-grandparents used to sneak into... back during simpler times when people would run away to join the circus instead of shelling out $170 to see the Cirque du Soleil.

I have not seen the recently released feature film as of yet (I have a date first with some African Cats), but I have caught a glimpse of Reese Witherspoon on the cover of this month's Vogue that features a stunning pictorial photographed by Peter Lindbergh that reunited Reese with her Water For Elephants co-star, Tai, who single-trunkedly stole the greatest show on Earth as Rosie, the elephant with moxie and a whole bag of circus tricks.


I've always reserved a special place in my heart for this pachyderm in particular, ever since I first saw Dumbo take flight. Elephants are a symbol of wisdom, power, loyality, strength and solitude, and they bring you good luck and fortune if their trunks are raised. I don't know what the deal is if their trunks are down.

If you're as enamored with elephants as I am, you'll be pleased to discover a show-stopping selection of stylish, elephant honoring apparel and accessories that will earn you Big Top honors in or out of the tents.

For starters, slip on a comfy summery piece like the Favorite Animal Romper, featuring a marvelous menagerie of circus headlining favorites splattered on a cool black backsplash. Feel free to bling up your off the hook safari look with the Relevant Elephant Necklace, both items featured at ModCloth.

If you want all eyes on you, bring your own elephant into the room by accessorizing your ensemble with this whimsical wicker Royal Plantation Elephant Purse from Kate Spade New York, a quirky alternative for toting around any junk in your trunk.

Why do elephants drink so much?

To try to forget.

Hailee Steinfeld has gone from grit to glam. The fourteen year old statuesque starlet (who is 4 inches taller than me, and still growing) received critical acclaim for holding her own against Jeff Bridges as the tenacious Mattie Ross in the Coen brothers' remake of the classic western, True Grit.

Not only does Hailee have a trio of award nominations under her belt (Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG), but she has also just nailed her first major fashion campaign, letting her braids loose as the new face of Prada's younger sister brand, Miu Miu.

Can I get a Hay for Hailee?


ANTM Finale

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Thanks for giving me this Justin Beiber, skater boy, emo haircut right before you tell me that I'm not America's Next Top Model. Really, thanks.


Model Swim

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It's fun to swim at the Y-W-C-A.


In my earlier, less stylish days back in late 2008, I thought that Prabal Gurung was a popular ethnic dish from Thailand.

Now that I'm older, wiser and fashionably edumacated, I know that Prabal Gurung is a Singapore born designer and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize runner-up whose striking creations have been worn by American royalty including our First Lady Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, Zoe Saldana and Oprah Winfrey.

The good news for us style civilians is that Prabal has recently teamed up with J. Crew for a limited edition capsule collection that is now available in stores and available for pre-order online. From exploding bow blouses and shift dresses to fit to be tied pants, you can choose from 7 limited designs that range from $198 to $450.

*Warning: The keyword is limited, ladies, only 50 pieces total were crafted for a few of the designs, so shop now or forever hold your peace.

I'll Prabaly have to go pick up some.


I didn't watch the 2011 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night on account of the fact that I was still celebrating the un-Rapture. I always thought that Harold Camping guy was really just Orville Redenbacher without his glasses on, which makes perfect sense since he was so full of hot-buttered poppycock.

I have, however, seen the rocking red carpet looks and have my picks for those who received top billing at the Billboard Awards, as well as those who downward spiraled to the rock bottom of the style charts.

Thumbs up: Selena Gomez and Rihanna.


Selena is all grown up, even though she's dating Baby Beiber who is two years her junior. Regardless of the fact that her boy looked like he was playing Motown dress up in a gold lame jacket and that she smooched him right next to his mommy after his Top New Artist win, Selena still completely rocked the evening in a beguiling black cut out dress that showed off just the right amount of skin and a pair of smashing bow accented red heels.

Chains and whips excite her, but classic white tailoring suits her. Although she performed S&M on stage alongside Britney Spears in a rather naughty number, Rihanna was all nice on the red carpet in a sleek, crisp and very sexy white suit that evoked images of Lauren Bacall, Lauren Hutton, Katherine Hepburn and old school glamour for the new millennium.

Thumbs down: Ke$ha.

I get it, you like to wear trash bags and weird metallic cage fighter/Star Trekkian concoctions. This is fine. Just make sure it accents your good features without having to attach a piece of aimless fabric to cover up the backs of your thigh$ and a$$.

TiK ToK, on the clock
Yeah I really hate your frock.


This model discovered a brilliant way to conceal the fact that she's a cyclops.


Camo Toed Feet

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A few weekends ago, I noticed that my boyfriend was wearing a pair of cargo camo shorts.

It made me think. One second I was appreciating how Ambercrombishly cute he looked in them, the next minute my mind went off on a tangent, considering camouflaged military issue fatigues and how they were originally designed with the intent to blend in and merge with a soldier's natural surroundings.

Camo has since become a popular pattern choice for the rest of the general population, but if you dare wear head to toe camouflage in public, you won't be blending in, you'll be standing out, soldier.

I dig camouflage, but as long as you are a civilian who is not on active duty, your outfit should be limited to one and only one camouflage patterned piece at a time. Camo shorts, okay. Camo shorts, camo hat, camo jacket and congrats - you're a real American hero, G.I. Joe.

Lately I've noticed a camouflage montage of camo shoes for the spring and summer seasons which is a perfect way for a girl to incorporate a hint of camo into her ensemble, without going full on shaved-head, one-arm pushupping, Demi Moore à la G.I. Jane.


Allow me to call to your attention these Taffie Camo Platforms from Chinese Laundry that couldn't be cuter with their criss cross camo detail, metal studs and thick wooden heel.

These French Sole Sloop Camo Flats from Online Shoes extend a light edge to your everyday feminine flat for $119.95.

You can also get your casual camo kicks from dELiA*s with the Converse Camo Ox sneakers for $39.99 and the Blowfish Camo Habbit booties on sale for $19.99.

At ease.

Samara Sanchez

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