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I missed the Mtv Movie Awards last night because I was busy watching the Miami Heat open up a can of whoop-ass on the Dallas Mavericks to take the lead in the NBA Finals, just two mere games away from the NBA championship. What can I say? I'm a Miami girl, born and raised, and my allegiance was elsewhere. Don't be hating.

I did, however, take in a Red Carpet rundown first thing this morning and will now share my picks for best and worst dressed based on the rotten tomatoes sliding scale.


Certified Fresh:

Kristen Stewart always rocks the Mtv Awards red carpet. Her safety zone is always something short, something scarlet and something severe. This year, she did not stray from her signature style with a mini Balmain sheath that was safety pin and sequin studded, making Kristen rival that hot chick from the ZZ Top video. Yeah, she's got legs.

While Kristen explored her spicy side, Selena Gomez dominated the sweeter side of the Red Carpet in a neutral toned minidress from Giambattista Valli that fit her like a ladylike glove.


Rotten Tomatoes:

Supermodel and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition goddess, Brooklyn Decker, decided to hide her amazing borough of a bod in a gold and sparkly shapeless shift while Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr decided to cougar it up in a black and white paisley pantsuit.

Allow me to remind you both that:

1. You are at the Mtv Movie Awards.
2. You are both in your twenties.
3. You are not making a guest appearance on the Love Boat, circa 1981.

Now go play some shuffleboard on the Lido deck and stop wasting my time.

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Kristin Stewart looks stoned dude

Julie s:

Ha ha. They look better than Kesha though

Bettie S.:

That gold dress makes her look huge!!!


I like Selenas dress best


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What about Reese Witherspoon? She looked really graet too!


Those pants and top are horrible


Poor Kristen Stewart. She looks like: (1) she pissed off her hairdresser; (2) her dealer gave her the skunk weed, and (3) she needs to EAT AN EFFIN' SANDWICH!!! Like THAT hasn't been said enough. Jeezum crow, girl! EAT. THE. SANDWICH.


Looks like a fun night

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