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Birthday Bonus Blues

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So, my birthday was last weekend and I am officially an old bag. I mean this literally. I'm older than a vintage Cartier clutch I've been eyeing on eBay.

Thank you guys for all of the candygrams, someecards and cyber goodies you sent, I'm so touched that you remembered.

My birthday rocked, but now I'm experiencing the post bday blues. I don't have any more cake, cards or Facebook wall posts to look forward to, and my complimentary Chef's Club dinner at Benihana is about to expire... which brings me to the subject of this blog post - Birthday Bonuses.

I was thrilled to find dozens of coupons in my inbox and home mailbox this past month. From free desserts at dives all over town to mega discounts off of Steve Madden shoes. The only problem? I'm running out of time to cash all of it in.

I have already collected my free Philosophy Shower Gel (Thanks Sephora!) and enjoyed a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte this morning, compliments of Starbucks, but I'm still in the weeds. I especially feel obligated to spend my favorite birthday bonus from Anthropologie - an adorable card that arrived via snail mail in an even more adorable pouch, personalized especially for me and my astrological sign (Cancer, the month of the crab).


I would hate to let all of these outrageous offers expire, so I've been cyber scurrying online, checking out the merchandise at Anthropologie, Victoria's Secret, Urban Outfitters, DSW, BCBG and other stores in the hopes of finding cute clothes that will cure me of my post pardum birthdepression. The only problem is, I'm going to go broke buying myself presents.

From now on, it might be more prudent to pass all of these coupons on to my loved ones before my birthday. I mean, they're buying me gifts anyway, why not save 15% to 25% on their purchases?

It would be my gift to them.*

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Happy belated birthday!

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