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Fanny Packs Are Back

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I almost considered buying a fanny pack for my last European vacation.

Before you judge, I was diligently warned that while in Europe, gypsies would throw babies at me. They would then proceed to steal my purse as I tried to catch their aerodynamic offspring. My fear of hip Europeans pointing and laughing at my fanny on the street overruled the stresses of keeping my money close to my tummy, so I opted for a chic yet stable leather crossbody bag that would at least take more than one gypsy to rip off of my petite, American frame.

Little did I know that I had nothing to fear, for the Pack was making a comeback.

You heard right. The Fanny Pack is back. With a vengeance.


I must warn you that although they are making a comeback, this is still a Hit or Miss trend. Here are some tips to keep your fanny fresh:

* Instead of going all cliche wearing it around your waist, try something new like slinging it sideways diagonally across the torso. Warning: Do not wear it around your neck as a necklace or resting on your butt. Then fanny got back.

* Make sure your fanny is tight. You can achieve this by doing squats, and/or by going a step beyond the old school zippered packs that your Aunt Fannie Mae wore on your family reunion trip to Disneyland. Use your fanny pack to accentuate your small waist without adding bulk to it.

There are tons of fashionable fanny options out there, from the ultra affordable and vibrant Vinyl Fanny Packs from American Apparel to the cool, Distressed Leather Packs that come off more like a belt with a pouch than a fanny with a pack.

Here are a few more of my favorite fannies of all shapes and sizes, broken down by style:

For the Artist - Free People features their Artists and Revolutionaries Fanny Pack for $198, see how the model slings it sideways? She listens to Sammy.


For the Hipster - The Ecote Tassel Belt Bag from Urban Outfitters is a soft pebbled faux-leather belt/bag hybrid available in black or brown and topped with cool tassel zipper pulls. The belt is adjustable with two handy zippered compartments and antiqued hardware, for $39.

For the Socialite: If you prefer fancier der·ri·ère baggage, you can't get any more posh than with this posterior pack from Diane Von Furstenberg. Pick up her Small Leather Belt Bag on sale at Net-a-Porter for $195.

For the Athlete - The Adidas Bum Bag by Stella McCartney will keep your valuables safe while you sweat it out at the gym or on a jog, for $90.

For the Anti- Fanny Packer - If you still aren't feeling the fanny, try the Eagle Creek UnderCover Pack from eBags for $24. It's slim and silky enough to wear concealed under your top and is technically called a Money Belt, so you can pretend you're all fit and fanny free.

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Ive always worn a fannypack lol!

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