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So, I bought a new car. The Fiat 500. From Italy. It's cool.

You probably can't tell by my short and clipped sentence structure, but I'm smiling wider than all get out. This is my most favoritest car that I've ever owned. See? I love my new car so much that my giddy adoration is causing me to make up superlatives that don't exist. Allow me to expand.

In case you haven't heard, the Fiat 500 is a newly designed model of the classic Fiat from the 50's, and it has now officially arrived on North American soil.

A fan of all things nostalgic, I have always been a sucker for those charming little cars seen zipping around in black and white Fellini movies of old. In fact, I saw quite a few in France during my European vacation this past Spring and was green with envy because not only did they have the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but they also had the Fiat. And now, I have one of my own.


It makes me feel bella (Italian for beautiful, not the chick from Twilight).
It makes me only want to wear vintage dresses paired with peep toe shoes.
It makes me feel chic.
It makes me feel like eating gelato and biscotti.
It makes me laugh when I think that I own Luigi from the animated Pixar feature, Cars.

Besides the sleek contours, the stylish retro interior and the jacked-up fancy features, I feel like all eyes are on me, both on the road and off. I've had quite a few folks honk their horns at me on the street, exclaiming "What is that?! I didn't know they even made those anymore!"

Yes, I feel like the best dressed girl at the party, and everyone is asking me where I got my gown. It is the most fashionable accessory that I have ever owned, and the most expensive... but at the risk of plagiarizing L'Oréal's famous advertising slogan - "I'm worth it".

FYI, I didn't get the yellow. My Fiat is a lovely shade of pistachio, Verde Chiaro en Italiano.

Scusi, I have to go buy a new headscarf and a pair of Gucci sunglasses to wear in Luigi.

Ciao bellas.

Even though I'm way too old to be playing with toys, I do own a collection of mini Blythe dolls. I justify this weird, childish avocation by telling myself:

a. They're fashion icons
b. I'm saving them for when I have my own little girl
c. Most of them were gifts
d. I only have 4, not 40

Sometimes I feel like I'm just a stone's throw away from becoming the 40 year old virgin with a wall full of collectible action figures decorating my home, all in their original packaging (they're worth more that way)... but other times I feel proud to embrace my inner child.

For instance, I used to have a mini heart-shaped purse that looked exactly like this sweet Heart Crochet Crossbody from the Sak. Even though it's more girlish than my usual leather rock-star bags of choice, I will justify my purchase because:

a. It has a cool Bohemian vibe, thanks to the 70's style crochet
b. It's on sale for only $22.10
c. It reminds me of the days when the only necessities stashed in my purse were bubble gum scented erasers, Bonne Bell lip smackers, and the notes my elementary school posse would write me on Hello Kitty stationery.

I guess I'll always be young at heart.


Model Voices

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She finally realized what the voices in her head were telling her.

To eat.


Quickie shower shaving tip, 10 words or less.

Run out of shaving gel? Use plain ol' conditioner instead.


Mara Hoffman Limited Edition Skintimate Shave Gel in Flirty Mango, $1.99 at drugstores.

Bliss Lemon+Sage Conditioning Rinse, $18 at Bliss World.

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and their stylin' schwag, I have enough beach bags and SPF protection to keep me covered for the rest of my life... but if I were in the market for an all purpose beach bag that's cute enough to sport away from the sand, I would so want one of these -

How cruise worthy is this Billabong Day Tripper Bag from Swell? In my humble opinion, this oversized burlap tote is nautically delicious, all decked out with adorable rope straps, sweet seafaring graphics, faux leather trims, lace-up details and a cool metal logo badge. All aboard, it's on sale for $29.99.


Unlike the attention grabbing Day Tripper, Volcom's Beach Leach Handbag from Tilly's is like a beach bag undercover, like those plainclothes officers who pull you over in unmarked cars. This simple yet sleek grey tote has a surprise polka dot lining inside, is chic enough for every day, sturdy enough for the beach, and a real steal at $29.97.

I adore this lavender palm tree printed Roxy West Coast Tote that is super roomy, yet lightweight enough to carry around all weekend long. Choose your favorite style from five different color/summertime graphic combinations including Stone (seen above), Natural, White, Green, and Yellow. As an added bonus, you get extra innie compartments and an attached mini bag to keep your cell, cash and iPod safe and tucked away while you take a dip. That means you get double the baggage, double the fun, for $35.99.

When it comes to Summer baggage, you can't get any more classic than a simple yet structured canvas tote. Whether you're sunning in South Beach, hanging in the Hamptons or navigating a schooner in Nantucket, this sunshine shaded LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Harbor Island Beach Bag will give you upper class beach status and the essence of Jackie O. while you schlep around your madras shorts, Tom Ford shades and a thermos of New England clam chowdah. Choose from a primary color palette of sunshine, red or navy, for $98 from eBags.

Model High

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She found people of average height annoying.


As women, it is only natural that we covet other women's things.

Whether it's her height
her handbag
her thighs
or in the case of Angelina Jolie, her Brad Pitt,
we sometimes want what she's got, and we won't be happy until we get it.

Just this weekend while dining out, I wanted what the chick sitting at the other table ordered. I'm glad I stuck with my pan-seared trout. She made something stinks in Denmark faces after every bite.

Back to the shopping world. Luckily I found a site that makes it easy for iwantwhatshe'sgot shoppers to get exactly what she's got, without even having to ask. WhatSheBuys is a chic online shopping destination that is dedicated to finding the best of the best products in a wide range of categories, featuring only the top one or two manufacturers in each category to ensure that you have access to only the highest end products available.

Based on industry knowledge, research, product reviews and practical day-to-day use, you'll find what she buys and what you wish you had while saving time and energy scouring cyberland for those shoes you saw whats-her-face wearing last Wednesday.

From Hanky Panky panties to body slimming SPANX and the same UGG boots you saw Sarah Jessica Parker and Sienna Miller rocking in a magazine, you'll find what she buys for him, her and baby, without any regrets.

Now I know what it's like to shop in her shoes, for her shoes.


Any Let's Talk Style regular who follows me winter, spring, summer and fall, knows that I'm no stranger to Seafolly.

Since 1975, both down under and up yonder, the Seafolly name has been synonymous with sexy and practical beachwear in the latest trends, fabrics and colors that are designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. Because Australians experience summer 6 months ahead of the US, the Seafolly team is always able to predict and trail blaze the hottest swimwear trends while we Yanks (Aussie for Americans) are still shaking in our winter boots.

I've been crushing on Australia’s most recognized swimwear brand for the past few seasons, and now I'm giving my loyal readers a chance to get suited up in their very own Seafolly swimsuit, chosen by me.

Now is your chance to score the adorably retro Viva Boyleg Maillot pictured above on model Jess Hart, in an Aussie size 10 (US size 6), in a smashing shade of hot pink. This suit normally retails for $143 clams, but you can win it for free, with two simple steps:

1. Show your love for Seafolly by following them on Twitter (@loveseafolly).

2. Email yours truly here with:

- Your name
- Address
- Twitter handle
- And why baby deserves a new Seafolly suit

The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday September 6th. You have until Labor Day weekend, deadline is Saturday, September 3rd.

May the Seafolly force be with you.

*Can't wait that long? Visit Seafolly.com to find the retailer nearest you.

No liner in your makeup bag?

Quickie eyeliner tip for smokin' hot eyes, ten words or less:

Previously lit wooden matches dipped in water = instant eyeliner.


Fashion Matches, iomoi, $12.
NARS Eyeliner Pencil in Black Moon, $21

Model Roots

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The model misunderstood when her agent advised her to get back to her roots.


If you're a MadMeniac like me, you're probably a tad bit irritated that we have to wait until early 2012 to pick up where the Draper and Sterling sagas left off. Inquiring MadMenian minds want to know:

- Is Megan and Don's engagement for reals?
- Will Joan admit to Greg that Roger Sterling is her baby daddy?
- Are Betty and Henry dunzo?
- Is Sally going to end up in juvie?

Yes, it sucks that we're on pause until the new Season five period plots unfold, but at least we can still dress the part, thanks to the Mad Men Capsule Collection at Banana Republic.


BR has gone retro, joining forces with Mad Men's highly decorated resident costume designer, Janie Bryant, to present a 65-piece collection for both sexes, featuring tailored suits, overcoats and dinner jackets for him, high-waisted skirts, dainty dresses and pleated cigarette pants for her. Don't forget the leather print satchels, felt fedoras, pocket squares and money clips, oh my.

My favorite piece? The prim and proper blue Begonia Print Dress that has Peggy Olsen's name written all over it, for $150.

p.s. Hey Peggy, these skirts and dresses will look mad sexy with a pair of seamed black pantyhose, so be a doll and hit up your new client, Topaz Hosiery for me.



Model Stereotypes

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Blonde models have more fun.
Brunette models have more fun making fun of blonde models.


Here is my quickie recap of last night's VMA's - The cast of the Jersey Shore looked collectively hideous. Sadly, the Situation skipped out on the event once he realized that tee shirt time was over now that he was contractually obligated to not wear his Ambercrombie and Fitch graphic crew neck tees.


I kid. On a positive note, there were more than a few rock star stunners in the crowd. I say "muy bueno" to Columbiana star, Zoe Saldana, who smoldered in a sexy black beaded leather deep V mini by Barbara Bui paired with babelicious Balenciaga pumps.

Pre-show black carpet correspondent and Beiberbabe, Selena Gomez, looked like a classy Miss Universe contestant-slash-Morticia Adams in a lacy black Julien Macdonald dress. Don't ask me why, but it worked. Trick or treat, smell my feet, hey Selena, give me something good to eat.

Beyonce was a fiery vision in red, wearing a beautifully draped, regal Lanvin gown. Our favorite former single lady maximized her time on the black carpet by announcing that she had a bun in the Easy Bake Beyonce oven. Congrats B, on your pregnancy and on finding the right dress. p.s. Vanessa Hudgens looked more pregnant than you.


Tie for Worst Dressed goes to Nicky Minag who is apparently still under a SARS scare, and Versace geisha Katy Perry who both looked like toys that came out of my Big Kids Happy Meal for girls.

Best Crossed Dressed goes to Jo Calone, Lady Gaga's greasy male persona who rocked a southern rendition of You and I with Brian May from Queen. You were incredible on the piano Jo, but you looked like a mixture of Tony Montana of Scarface and Sal Mineo from Rebel Without a Cause. When it comes to taking risks, you're always good to go Gaga. At least this year your outfit didn't stink of rotting meat.

Would you like to win this cool retro bathing suit in pink, courtesy of Seafolly Australia? Of course you would. I sure would, but sadly I am prohibited from winning any prizes because hosting a bogus contest and keeping the winning prize for yourself is just plain counterproductive. Plus, I like to share.

So if you want it, come win it. You have until Saturday, September 3rd to enter Sammy's Win a Seafolly Suit Contest!
Here's what you do:

1. Follow Seafolly on Twitter (@loveseafolly).

2. Email me with:

- Your name
- Address
- Twitter name
- And why baby deserves a new Seafolly suit

The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday September 6th.


Is it just me or does Katherine Heigl bear a striking resemblance to the Old Navy dog lady* in this photo?

*Footnote: Old Navy dog lady also known as New York Times Style Editor, Carrie Donovan.


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