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Even though I'm way too old to be playing with toys, I do own a collection of mini Blythe dolls. I justify this weird, childish avocation by telling myself:

a. They're fashion icons
b. I'm saving them for when I have my own little girl
c. Most of them were gifts
d. I only have 4, not 40

Sometimes I feel like I'm just a stone's throw away from becoming the 40 year old virgin with a wall full of collectible action figures decorating my home, all in their original packaging (they're worth more that way)... but other times I feel proud to embrace my inner child.

For instance, I used to have a mini heart-shaped purse that looked exactly like this sweet Heart Crochet Crossbody from the Sak. Even though it's more girlish than my usual leather rock-star bags of choice, I will justify my purchase because:

a. It has a cool Bohemian vibe, thanks to the 70's style crochet
b. It's on sale for only $22.10
c. It reminds me of the days when the only necessities stashed in my purse were bubble gum scented erasers, Bonne Bell lip smackers, and the notes my elementary school posse would write me on Hello Kitty stationery.

I guess I'll always be young at heart.


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Got to have it

I had this doll when it came out the FIRST time! Yes, I AM that old. I loved that her eyes changed color when you pulled the cord. She has since been inherited by two successive nieces, the eldest of which is 23 and has her own baby girl now and the youngest of which is 10 who has no idea what happened to poor little Blythe.

I hope she ended up with another little girl who will love her, a la Toy Story style.

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