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Model Genes

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I am genetically blessed. That, and I only eat air.



And the Winner is.....

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*Congratulations to Charleen Ferland of New Bedford, Mass who just won herself a brand-spanking new swimsuit, courtesy of Let's Talk Style and Seafolly Australia!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I loved reading your kudos, your stories and wish I had a bigger stash of suits to go around. Keep reading... there may be more contests on the Let's Talk Style horizon.

Congrats again Charleen! Sending you hugs, kisses and a hot new Viva Boyleg suit to rock on New Bedford's beaches during these last few days of summer.

My only request? Flaunt it Char, flaunt it.



I'm a bad style blogger.

Why am I a bad style blogger? Let me count the ways...

1. I failed to report that yesterday was the opening day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the Spring 2012 collections.

2. I failed to report that Fashion's Night Out (FNO) events took place last evening, most likely in a city near you, in celebration of the opening day of Fashion Week that I once again, failed to tell you about.

3. I failed to report that Reese Witherspoon was hit by a car while jogging. She's fine by the way.

4. My outfits this past week have been boring and uninspiring.

Yes, I have shirked my Let's Talk Style duties and responsibilities. I can only apologize, strive to do better, and put together an awesome line up of blogs and outfits for the weeks to come.



This season I was too busy to jetset to New York to get a bird's eye view of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week's Spring 2012 collections. This is precisely why I have been a cyber slowpoke with runway reports. If I don't see them live, I don't wannatalkaboutit. It's like writing a review of a super cool concert I never saw. Bratty as it may sound, I am jealous of all the folks sitting front row and center, taking my seat and my bag of schwag. It makes me depressed.

Personal feelings aside... I did have a moment to sneak in video of the Tracy Reese Spring 2012 show and took notes, like you care. You have no doubt gotten your MB Fashion Week fix elsewhere. It's okay, you style snooze you lose.

Although the show marked the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, Reese brought a bit of brevity and good spirits to the Lincoln Center tents, injecting cheerful color and lightheartedness with flirty and feminine frocks, parasols, girlie hats tilted askew, pretty palazzo jumpsuits, lace edged shorts and retro one-pieced bathing suits suitable for Esther Williams herself.

I can't report firsthand, but I'm willing to bet that Tracy's grin-producing floral patterns, stripes, happy hues and time capsule-like collection helped to at least ease the somber mood felt by international fashionistas and native New Yorkers alike, who were in a tent just miles away from Ground Zero.

Celebrities Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Aisha Tyler were there. I was not. {Sigh}.

Front Row at Carolina Herrera

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Nicki Minaj: Yo Anna, do you like my neon pom pom puff balls?

Vogue Editor at Large Anna Wintour: No darling, I am not a fan of balls in general.


Happy Monday, Let'sTalkstylers!

I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant weekend. After the Dolphins got their tails kicked by the Texans yesterday, I high-tailed it home to take in the 63rd annual Emmy Awards where an All-American color theme dominated the red carpet. If you weren't rocking a red, white or blue gown, you were playing it safe in black or beige.

All in all, it was a pretty tame evening, except when the warlock that CBS picked a fight with took the stage. Charlie Sheen's well wishes to those involved with the new season of Two and a Half Men seemed forced, delivered with as much enthusiasm as a child ordered to apologize for wiping their boogers on the neighbor's new suede couch. Thank you for leaving your goddesses at home Charlie, and for keeping it together. You are a bi-winner. Now for the clothes.


Best Dressed: Kate Winslet has always displayed the perfect combination of classic and fantastic fashion sense on the red carpet. This year was no exception. Kate accepted her Best Actress win for Mildred Pierce in a simple yet figure flattering Elie Saab gown that embraced one of the most bangingly real bodies in Hollywood. Well played, Kate. I can't wait to see your pretty, unbotoxed face at the Golden Globes.

Let's face it, Sophia Vergara can always be counted on to add the Va Va Voom factor to any event. All eyes were on Sophia as she sashayed around the stage numerous times, accepting multiple Modern Family honors in a coral Vera Wang gown that clung to every Colombian curve.

Katie Holmes: I was surprised to that Mrs. Cruise was getting some flack this morning for her simple belted Calvin Klein Collection halter gown. My boyfriend didn't like it, but I thought Katie looked like a Grecian goddess in a breezy, effortless gown and no fuss updo. A gown doesn't have to be bold to be beautiful, and I thought Katie looked young, healthy and Suri approved.


Worst Dressed: Hello, Heidi Klum. Sometimes in the fashion world, you are either in or you're out. Your griege Christian Siriano sea urchin dress has qualified you as out. Please leave the runway.

I love you Juliana Margulies, I really do. You are A Good Wife, and A Good Actress, but your weirdly stiff, space-like gown frightened me, especially with what appeared to be alien eggs splattered all over the bodice. Congratulations on your win, but from now on leave these kinds of gowns in Katy Perry's closet where they belong. ps: Tell your Good Wife co-star Alan Cumming that David Arquette called, he wants his orange pants back.

I woke up late this morning.

My alarm went off. I turned it off. I went back to sleep. It happens. Thankfully I only slept an extra 10 minutes before my internal Big Ben went off.

As we all know, there are certain sacrifices we ladies have to make when over snoozing gets the best of us. For me this means brushing my teeth in the shower with one hand while Venus'ing my legs with the other, simplifying my makeup routine to mascara, blush and lipgloss, and skipping my daily shampoo. Normally on days like this, I would arrive at work making the walk of shame to my desk with bloody legs and flat/lifeless/greasy hair...but today I look fab, because Venus razors have protective cushions surrounding the blades, and because I had Batiste on my side.

Batiste is a little spray of heaven in a can that I discovered while vacationing in England last Spring Break. I remember it like it was yesterday, I witnessed two fashionable Brits on two separate occasions [one at Topshop, one strolling down the streets of Piccadilly Circus] pull colorful cans out of their Burberry bags that they proceeded to blast their scalps with. They sprayed it in, combed it out, and that was that. Their heads looked cleaner and actually smelled delicious (at least the Topshop chick's head did...I got a whiff while waiting behind her for the dressing room).


We've all been turned on to the new dry shampoo revolution that has blown up in recent years, but here's the thing - Batiste has been around for 30 years. A little secret that Brits have tucked away along with their great grandmums' bangers and mash recipes, Batiste has been eliminating bad hair days for decades without water, absorbing dirt, oil and product buildup, leaving your hair feeling clean, fresh and texturized with just a few simple spritzes.

Batiste’s new FRESH Dry Shampoo is the latest addition to the Batiste family, and I'm proud to report that it is now available in the states. Inspired by the rainforest, FRESH features lush green notes, a fruity twist of pear and citrus accents, invigorating floral scents and base notes of woody musk and sandalwood. Best of all, it's unisex, so your boyfriend can use it too... I mean, without smelling like a petunia.

Now you can skip a day or two between washes and/or hit happy hour with stylish, sweet smelling tresses. I especially love it as an instant fix right after a workout. Score your own cans of Batiste at Ulta stores and at folica online for a mere $7.99 a can.

Then sleep in late tomorrow, because you can.

Model Hair

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Her hair was so big, she bullied it rather than tease it.


*Brag alert. Warning. If you do not wish to hear me gush about personal details pertaining to my love life, specifically how much I <3 my boyfriend and how much he luvs me, stop reading now.

My guy surprised me this past weekend with a romantic resort getaway. He is awesome. I am lucky.

About 5 minutes after reading his email and the words weekend getaway, the initial excitement dissipated and I quickly went into panic mode - as most women do when faced with the decision of what to wear/pack/buy/bring when they will be away from the comfort of their closets for multiple days and nights.

Normally I begin making out mental packing lists weeks before my departure date, this time I had a handful of hours. I figured other girls who have equally romantic and awesome boyfriends/husbands/significant others might feel the same level of panic when faced with a similar surprise situation, so here is my list of the key pieces to pack (besides toiletries) that will have you set for your next surprise sleepover.


The Bikini. Whether you're going on a warm weather getaway or en route to an icy winter hideaway, there will most likely be a heated pool and/or hot tub somewhere in the hotel. I know this because I watch The Bachelor. Bring a cute sarong and you have another cute outfit for sidewalk shopping.

The Dresses. Dresses are a staple for any type of getaway because they 1. Don't take up a lot of room in the suitcase. 2. Don't get super wrinkled during travels (if you stick to easy jerseys and knits) 3. Can be dressed up or down with a simple change of shoes or jewelry. I brought three, one short, one medium and one maxi. Make sure you have at least one kind of formal dress, just in case Michelle and Barack Obama are staying in your hotel and you are invited to dine with them.

The Tops. Bring a few trusted tanks and tees that you can mix and match with a skirt, shorts or jeans.

The Bottoms. Bring a skirt, short, jeans or all three. Why? 1. Because you can't wear those tops by themselves and 2. It gives you options.

The Cover up. I do not speak of concealer to mask unfortunate under eye baggage (although it couldn't hurt to bring that too). The cover up I am referencing is something to wear when and if it gets chilly. The choice is up to you: fisherman sweater, cropped cardigan, blazer, wrap or sweatshirt. My cover up of choice was a roughed up denim jacket. It goes with everything.

The Shoes. Gold flip flops (more chic than your run of the mill Old Navy flip flops) to show off at the pool or beach, wedges, nice heels, or sneakers if your guy is an outdoor adventure kind of guy.

The Lingerie. He went through all of the trouble to plan a surprise weekend getaway, the least you can do is pack something sexy to wear for him. If you make an appearance in the posh king-sized hotel bed in that over-sized Minnie Mouse t shirt with the holes under the arms, it very well maybe the last romantic excursion he ever takes you on... and I wouldn't blame the dude. Bring something silky, satiny, leathery or lacy. You know what he likes.

What did I forget? The sunscreen. Now I have a red blotchy Rorschach test-like sunburn on my abdomen. I think it's a butterfly, or the movie poster from the Mothman Prophecies.

It doesn't matter. It was worth it.

Happy packing.

ps Keeping miniature sized sundries already stashed in a bag under the bathroom sink will always save you valuable packing time that would be better served picking out shoes.

Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week:

Feeling oily? No blotting papers? Try a toilet seat cover.

Matte Blotting Film: Sephora, $10
Toilet Seat Covers: Free, your nearest ladies room.


Model Timesavers

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A good model always finds time for lunges.


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