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Happy Monday, Let'sTalkstylers!

I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant weekend. After the Dolphins got their tails kicked by the Texans yesterday, I high-tailed it home to take in the 63rd annual Emmy Awards where an All-American color theme dominated the red carpet. If you weren't rocking a red, white or blue gown, you were playing it safe in black or beige.

All in all, it was a pretty tame evening, except when the warlock that CBS picked a fight with took the stage. Charlie Sheen's well wishes to those involved with the new season of Two and a Half Men seemed forced, delivered with as much enthusiasm as a child ordered to apologize for wiping their boogers on the neighbor's new suede couch. Thank you for leaving your goddesses at home Charlie, and for keeping it together. You are a bi-winner. Now for the clothes.


Best Dressed: Kate Winslet has always displayed the perfect combination of classic and fantastic fashion sense on the red carpet. This year was no exception. Kate accepted her Best Actress win for Mildred Pierce in a simple yet figure flattering Elie Saab gown that embraced one of the most bangingly real bodies in Hollywood. Well played, Kate. I can't wait to see your pretty, unbotoxed face at the Golden Globes.

Let's face it, Sophia Vergara can always be counted on to add the Va Va Voom factor to any event. All eyes were on Sophia as she sashayed around the stage numerous times, accepting multiple Modern Family honors in a coral Vera Wang gown that clung to every Colombian curve.

Katie Holmes: I was surprised to that Mrs. Cruise was getting some flack this morning for her simple belted Calvin Klein Collection halter gown. My boyfriend didn't like it, but I thought Katie looked like a Grecian goddess in a breezy, effortless gown and no fuss updo. A gown doesn't have to be bold to be beautiful, and I thought Katie looked young, healthy and Suri approved.


Worst Dressed: Hello, Heidi Klum. Sometimes in the fashion world, you are either in or you're out. Your griege Christian Siriano sea urchin dress has qualified you as out. Please leave the runway.

I love you Juliana Margulies, I really do. You are A Good Wife, and A Good Actress, but your weirdly stiff, space-like gown frightened me, especially with what appeared to be alien eggs splattered all over the bodice. Congratulations on your win, but from now on leave these kinds of gowns in Katy Perry's closet where they belong. ps: Tell your Good Wife co-star Alan Cumming that David Arquette called, he wants his orange pants back.

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