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Fur Your Consideration

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Hi Sammy,

It's already starting to get cold where I live but I can't afford a new winter coat. How can I make my old one look fresh and different?



Hi there Teresa,

I haven't monitored comments or answered an Ask Sammy query in quite awhile [see last month's I'm a Bag Style Blogger post], but I loved your question and it inspired me to get back to my blogging basics.

I'm lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, but I can still sympathize with your outerwear woes. Coats are usually the most expensive investment in a winter wardrobe, so if last year's coat still keeps you warm and is still somewhat in style, there is no shame in sporting it for another season. But, in order to keep boredom from setting in - I have a super quick, easy and cost effective way to keep last year's look hip and on trend, so you won't run the risk of being totally over your overcoat come January. Add a faux fur collar.

At times, we ladies can achieve a whole new look simply by incorporating a new necklace, bag or shade of lipstick into our rotating clothing repertoire. The same theory applies here. If you want a super simple way to inject luxury and a vintage Mad Men feel to your capes, cloaks and coats, prepare to accessorize.

Today there are effortless options where you can clip, button or tie on a faux fur collar to revamp your favorite swing, puffer or peacoat for an instant 2 minute update. The size, color and style are all up to you.

I prefer the small, dainty variety like this sweet and wholesome Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar in blonde, green or Cruella de Vil inspired white & black polka dots. It helps your existing coat make a posh statement for only $26.19 and adds some extra neck warmth to boot. If you have a little extra room in your budget, make a more dramatic statement with a foxy Faux Fur Lapel Collar for $45.74. Both collars are from ASOS, and there are plenty more to choose from.

I hope this tip helps, fur all its worth, giving your old winter threads some oomph without going over budget... because let's face it. you're probably going to need some new winter boots, right?



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model App

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She couldn't believe she had eaten the entire appetizer salad by herself.


Baby, It's Cold Outside

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A mini cold front passed through these here parts last week. Along with some much needed rain we enjoyed a climate that was less steamy, more breezy, with lows in the mid to low 70's. I feel like I should be waving my arms around in front a green screen in order to fully execute my forecast.

So, just like any other native Floridian who experiences a 10 degree drop, I went shopping.

When it comes to bundling up for the Fall, I have three main goals.

1. Finding sweaters and outerwear that will keep me warm and insulated while still showing off my figure, i.e. belted coats with ladylike details that will ensure that I'm not mistaken for a shapeless dude from behind.

2. Scoring closed toe shoes/boots that will keep my feet dry and slip-free in the snow for my northern excursions. Oh yeah, they also have to be at least 4 inches high. It's just how I roll, or walk rather.

3. Ignoring crazy trends of the moment and concentrating on simple, cold-weather basics that I will want to wear next winter and the winter after that, i.e. log cabin plaid shirts, form fitting thermal henleys and neutral tights for layering.


Here's What I Got for Fall:

A hooded feminine-cut toggle coat.
A long and cozy camel cardigan.
A horizontal pink and taupe striped Where's Waldo inspired sweater.
Wooly socks and tights (4 pairs).
A new signature scent.

Here's What I Still Want For Fall:

Lace up wedge boots.
An Aztec or Navajo inspired cardi or wrap.
Skinny cords.
A sweater with a reindeer or moose motif.
Leather wrist length gloves (to replace my token schoolgirl mittens).

I may not be able to afford the remaining items on my autumnal wish list, so I might just have to make do with last years boots, knits and mitts.

My economic forecast is partly cloudy with zero chance of windfall.

Lard Eyes

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Run out of eye makeup remover? Don't cry, use Crisco.


Model Magic

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Model who moonlights as a magician's assistant.


Not Just Lip Service

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If you've been a loyal Let's Talk Style reader, thank you, for one, and for two, by now you've probably noticed my compilation of quickie beauty tips for the Let's Talk Style girl on the go. Some tips have been witty, others wacky, and some just seem downright wrong. I've tried to keep them whittled down to 10 words tops for the most part, so I can casually crank them out mid-week while catering to the ADHD crowd... but every now and then I'll have a tip that I simply cannot condense into a handful of words.

This weekend I was asked to divulge the one tip in my beauty bag of tricks that I utilize every day. This was a tall order. I thought about it, and thought some more. I was surprised to find that my answer veered far from my token how-tos and quickie swap-this-for-thats. My answer involved one godsend gadget for any cosmetic toolbelt - the lip brush.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that lip brushes are essential for giving you a more precise pout, but besides delivering the perfect lip definition and expert application, my lip brush has saved me tons of cash on lipstick replacement.

Not only does it keep your stick from transforming into that weird slope-like shape, but it will save your pucker when your favorite lipstick is discontinued. I received a perfect peach shade lipstick in one of my MB Fashion Week gift bags years ago. When it ran out I discovered they didn't make it anymore. Rather than toss it, I hit Sephora and picked up a cheap ten buck lip brush and have been scooping out the remains ever since. I'm proud to report that my extinct stick has now lasted two more months, and keeps on going.

Extra tip - Get thee a Retractable Lip Brush like this one from NARS for $26. The retractable top keeps the brush clean for less mess in your makeup bag.

Keep reading for more beauty tips, (quickies and otherwise) because when it comes to helping my readers look hotter, my lips aren't sealed.

Beauty Tricks and Treats

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I love this time of year.

The weather drops, the sandals get packed, the boots come out. It gets darker earlier as we scramble for Halloween costumes, and the only thing I want to do on the weekend is hit a pumpkin patch so I can pick the perfect pumpkin for my boyfriend to carve up (he is from Michigan and therefore better at such things). Then I will toast and eat the pumpkin seeds for a high in magnesium, low in cholesterol, guilt-free snack. Then I will reverse those health benefits and get fat by consuming all of the leftover Halloween candy that I pretend to buy for trick or treaters but secretly hide in the freezer. Ain't Autumn grand?

So, in honor of the 2nd most wonderful time of the year, I'm giving you all a special low-cal treat, my favorite Fall themed beauty products. Bag 'em now, because they won't be around for long.


Stay slim through the season with a hint of candy flavor without the calories with Philosophy's I Love Candy Corn Lip Shine for $10. It's wicked good.

Philosophy's Trick or Treat Gift Set features a decadent duo of autumnal flavors with their seasonal Caramel Apple and Crispy Marshmallow Bar shower gels for $20.
p.s.They also masquerade as shampoos and bubble bath.

Now you can tat yourself with spider webs, skeletons and bats for your yearly Halloween soiree, without having to get laser tattoo removal afterwards. Find your inner bad girl without fightening your mother with Temptu's Sexy & Sinister Temporary Tattoo Kit from Sephora, for only $5.

Provide shine, reduce freeze, maintain style, and make your head smell like warm pumpkin pie with Healthy Sexy Hair's Pumpkin Souffle Styling Creme from Perfumania, on sale for $11.04.

I searched, but sadly I could not find a pumpkin scented foot scrub for my pre-Halloween pedicure. You never know who might trick or treat and smell your feet.

Model Furtitude

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All they wanted was to live fur the moment.


Sow Your Wild Oats

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - Quick pantry touchup for oily hair.

Rub dry oatmeal in hair. Remove with brush. Eat rest.

Quaker Oats Oatmeal from your grocer's aisle, cheap.
Denman Paddle Brush from Folica, $11.95

Oaty extras:
Oatfix Fresh Face Mask, Lush $6.95.
Oatmeal Bath Soap, Caswell-Massey $9.
Oat Milk Body Butter, Beauty Bridge $20.


It's the day before Halloween weekend, and I think it's pretty safe to assume that if you don't have a Halloween costume planned by now you...

a) Are a procrastinator.
b) Are a Jehovah's witness.
c) Have finally acknowledged the fact that you are too old to trick or treat.
d) Have finally acknowledged the fact that your neighbors think it's creepy when you trick or treat.
e) Don't have a party to go to.
f) Don't have any cash.
g) Don't have any creativity.
h) Don't care.
I can't help you with the majority of those issues, although I can help you with f) and g). So for the financially and creatively challenged, here are some serious last minute costumes that you can pull off with minimal effort.

- Pick up a dollar store animal mask, put on a pair of tights, heels and a tee. You're a half assed animal.

- Wear a really, really bad outfit and hold a black horizontal cardboard bar in front of your eyes, you're a fashion don't.

- Stuff your pockets with tissues, wrappers and trash. Throw contents of your pockets on the floor all night, you're a litterer.

- Draw whiskers on your face with eyeliner and arrive with a really younger dude, you're a cougar.

- Pad yourself, tell folks you're transitioning and dance poorly all night, you're Chaz Bono.

- Come in a suit or work attire and hand out a stack of resumes, you're unemployed.

- Wear a set of fake rotted teeth (or chew tobacco) and act wasted, you're Lindsay Lohan.

- Guys: Wear a Hawaiian shirt, pop tic tacs from a prescription bottle and repeatedly tell people that you're a #winner, you're Charlie Sheen.

- Wear a surgical mask, cough, and tell people you just got back from Hong Kong, you're contagious.

If all else fails, slab on whatever deli meats you have in the fridge and tell jokes all night, you're Lady Ha Ha.

Have fun, be safe. Happy Halloween.

Model Halloween

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She couldn't decided whether to "Trick" or "Eat".


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