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Baby, It's Cold Outside

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A mini cold front passed through these here parts last week. Along with some much needed rain we enjoyed a climate that was less steamy, more breezy, with lows in the mid to low 70's. I feel like I should be waving my arms around in front a green screen in order to fully execute my forecast.

So, just like any other native Floridian who experiences a 10 degree drop, I went shopping.

When it comes to bundling up for the Fall, I have three main goals.

1. Finding sweaters and outerwear that will keep me warm and insulated while still showing off my figure, i.e. belted coats with ladylike details that will ensure that I'm not mistaken for a shapeless dude from behind.

2. Scoring closed toe shoes/boots that will keep my feet dry and slip-free in the snow for my northern excursions. Oh yeah, they also have to be at least 4 inches high. It's just how I roll, or walk rather.

3. Ignoring crazy trends of the moment and concentrating on simple, cold-weather basics that I will want to wear next winter and the winter after that, i.e. log cabin plaid shirts, form fitting thermal henleys and neutral tights for layering.


Here's What I Got for Fall:

A hooded feminine-cut toggle coat.
A long and cozy camel cardigan.
A horizontal pink and taupe striped Where's Waldo inspired sweater.
Wooly socks and tights (4 pairs).
A new signature scent.

Here's What I Still Want For Fall:

Lace up wedge boots.
An Aztec or Navajo inspired cardi or wrap.
Skinny cords.
A sweater with a reindeer or moose motif.
Leather wrist length gloves (to replace my token schoolgirl mittens).

I may not be able to afford the remaining items on my autumnal wish list, so I might just have to make do with last years boots, knits and mitts.

My economic forecast is partly cloudy with zero chance of windfall.

Comments (5)


My list has gloves and legwarmers!!!

and what is you new signature scent? by the way, on my list is scent and checked cape only. Lucky me.


Bookmarked your blog!


Youve inspired me to shop!


great post, thanks for sharing your finds

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