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Fur Your Consideration

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Hi Sammy,

It's already starting to get cold where I live but I can't afford a new winter coat. How can I make my old one look fresh and different?



Hi there Teresa,

I haven't monitored comments or answered an Ask Sammy query in quite awhile [see last month's I'm a Bag Style Blogger post], but I loved your question and it inspired me to get back to my blogging basics.

I'm lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, but I can still sympathize with your outerwear woes. Coats are usually the most expensive investment in a winter wardrobe, so if last year's coat still keeps you warm and is still somewhat in style, there is no shame in sporting it for another season. But, in order to keep boredom from setting in - I have a super quick, easy and cost effective way to keep last year's look hip and on trend, so you won't run the risk of being totally over your overcoat come January. Add a faux fur collar.

At times, we ladies can achieve a whole new look simply by incorporating a new necklace, bag or shade of lipstick into our rotating clothing repertoire. The same theory applies here. If you want a super simple way to inject luxury and a vintage Mad Men feel to your capes, cloaks and coats, prepare to accessorize.

Today there are effortless options where you can clip, button or tie on a faux fur collar to revamp your favorite swing, puffer or peacoat for an instant 2 minute update. The size, color and style are all up to you.

I prefer the small, dainty variety like this sweet and wholesome Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar in blonde, green or Cruella de Vil inspired white & black polka dots. It helps your existing coat make a posh statement for only $26.19 and adds some extra neck warmth to boot. If you have a little extra room in your budget, make a more dramatic statement with a foxy Faux Fur Lapel Collar for $45.74. Both collars are from ASOS, and there are plenty more to choose from.

I hope this tip helps, fur all its worth, giving your old winter threads some oomph without going over budget... because let's face it. you're probably going to need some new winter boots, right?



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Comments (6)


Cool tip. I want one for my leather jacket

Jobs in EU:

Awesome, i'm totally gonna do this


Very useful tip. i'll follow this blog. keep up the good work.


Love it


Very cool


I like the one in the middle

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