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Not Just Lip Service

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If you've been a loyal Let's Talk Style reader, thank you, for one, and for two, by now you've probably noticed my compilation of quickie beauty tips for the Let's Talk Style girl on the go. Some tips have been witty, others wacky, and some just seem downright wrong. I've tried to keep them whittled down to 10 words tops for the most part, so I can casually crank them out mid-week while catering to the ADHD crowd... but every now and then I'll have a tip that I simply cannot condense into a handful of words.

This weekend I was asked to divulge the one tip in my beauty bag of tricks that I utilize every day. This was a tall order. I thought about it, and thought some more. I was surprised to find that my answer veered far from my token how-tos and quickie swap-this-for-thats. My answer involved one godsend gadget for any cosmetic toolbelt - the lip brush.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that lip brushes are essential for giving you a more precise pout, but besides delivering the perfect lip definition and expert application, my lip brush has saved me tons of cash on lipstick replacement.

Not only does it keep your stick from transforming into that weird slope-like shape, but it will save your pucker when your favorite lipstick is discontinued. I received a perfect peach shade lipstick in one of my MB Fashion Week gift bags years ago. When it ran out I discovered they didn't make it anymore. Rather than toss it, I hit Sephora and picked up a cheap ten buck lip brush and have been scooping out the remains ever since. I'm proud to report that my extinct stick has now lasted two more months, and keeps on going.

Extra tip - Get thee a Retractable Lip Brush like this one from NARS for $26. The retractable top keeps the brush clean for less mess in your makeup bag.

Keep reading for more beauty tips, (quickies and otherwise) because when it comes to helping my readers look hotter, my lips aren't sealed.

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I subscribed to your rss :-)

Gary :

Love the website. I have bookmarked and will be back soon. Keep up the good work!


i go through lipstick so fast! What a great tip

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