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News Flash Facebookers--

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Good tidings and luck to you all!

Josie Natori for Target

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Lately, I have been spending more time, more effort, and more precision in choosing the outfits that I wear to bed as opposed to the outfits I wear out the door.

It wasn't always like this.

Back in the day, I would gravitate towards the same tired Gilly Hicks sleep pants/tank ensemble and call it a night, then proceed to spend 20 minutes every morning standing in front of my closet in a sad state of depression because I had nothing. to. wear. What factors attributed to this major shift in sleep styling?

1. Filling my closet with basic, easy to mix and match separates has made my workwear choices practically foolproof, even in the dark and/or hungover.

2. I realized that wearing soft and silky chemises to bed made me feel more like a luxurious and saucy minx à la Sophia Loren, less like a college student puttering around the women's dorm, à la Gilmore Girls.

3. I have a boyfriend who gives my rotation of nighties and negligees the same undivided attention and focus that he normally reserves for Detroit Lions' and Playstation 3 games.

As women we know, pretty underpinnings can get pretty pricey, which is why I can't wait to embrace the Far East Movement in lingerie with the Josie Natori for Target Collection.


Released on October 30th, Target's newest limited-edition designer collection brings a touch of Asian influence into our boudoirs with Josie Natori's Eastern-inspired patterns and playful, flirty details displayed on pretty demi bras and panties, three piece printed pj sets, colorfully coy racerback chemises and sexy as all Shanghai Embroidered Dragon robes.

The best part? Everything is under $35 bucks (2,727.98 Japanese yen). The 2nd best part? This is only part one of the collection, keep your eye out for Cherry Blossoms dropping this spring.

My favorites? The Two Piece Printed Cami Set and the anything but tame Teddy, both for $24.99.

I'm pretty sure everybody is Kung Fu fighting over Natori's nightwear, so grab your favorites now before they say Sayonara. I'll be shopping for a new rotation of skivvies to keep my guy's undivided attention this weekend. Uncharted 3, Drake's Deception was just released.

Model Macramé

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She knew she'd get a good shot, come what macramé.


Eat Your Amelia Earhart Out

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Long before the new series Pan Am premiered this Fall, (the Christina Ricci driven ABC flight of fancy exploring the fun, frolic and intrigue that sexy single stewardesses experienced while flying the friendly skies during the sixties) the fashion world has been obsessed with aviation-themed adornments. At least my fashion world has been.

I'm not talking little blue hats, seamed stockings and structured ladylike polyester suits. We modern gals don't dress to impress sleazy businessmen and international spies while serving them coffee, tea or milk. Today, we take the yoke into our own hands with edgy menswear and pilot worthy pieces that welcome adventure, reflecting our inner Spirit of St Louis.

It's a trend that I really dig, but only under one condition: pair the tough with the soft. The masculine with the girlie. If not, you'll just look like you're 2 weeks late for Halloween. Think leather and lace. Flowy dresses and boots. Think Amelia Earhart. The real one, not Hilary Swank.
Make your next outfit ultra aerodynamic with Amelia Earhart inspired pieces like this First in Flight Vest from ModCloth for $69.99 paired with a pretty frock, or these Raeven Synthetic Leather Pilot Boots from Chinese Laundry, for $89.95.

If you want to throw in a kitschy accessory, this Vintage Style Pan Am Travel Bag from Brookstone will fit all of your TSA approved travel sized toiletries for $89.

Don't forget the sexy silk scarf and goggle combo that is so Red Baron Snoopy ($21.99 and $39.99 from Sporty's Wright Bros.) and a pair of sleek leather gloves to tie it all together.

Just don't be surprised if random wingmen ask to show you their cockpits.

Have a nice flight.

How To Get Banging Bangs

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I was watching the new Fox sitcom The New Girl last night, and spent most of the half hour series admiring Jess Day's (aka Zooey Deschanel's) perfect, brow-skimming bangs.

I know from experience that it isn't easy to maintain a banging set of bangs like mine and Jess/Zooey's, especially by the end of the day. My big bang theory is this - when you need them to look their best for a big event, date or whatnot, the gods of fringe will ultimately see to it that you have a bad bang day.


From wind and weather to sweat and static, it's something we weren't always able to control...Until now.

Here are my tips to keep your bangs beautiful and bangable between washes.

Bang Buster 1: Sweat. I've banged out multiple how-tos for keeping oily hair at bay, from dry shampoo to oatmeal and other weird rituals, but toting around a full-size bottle of shampoo and/or a cannister of Quaker Oats isn't always ideal. I prefer stashing a mini bottle of baby powder in my bag. When I feel the sweat beads building up on my forehead, my bangs get a sprinkle, a comb out, and they're instantly restored to their previous baby fresh and banging state.

Bang Buster 2: Static. Static can be a major bang sabotager, especially during the winter months when our bangs are subjected to cold weather hats and headwear. Stash a few Bounce dryer sheets in purse. Rub on bangs. Voilà. You no longer appear radioactive (added bonus: your bag smells good). p.s. I like the lavender scented ones.

Bang Buster 3: Frizz. Banish bang frizz by stashing a mini flatiron in your purse, gym bag, or work desk for quickie touch ups post gym or pre happy hour. I actually own this Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron from folica (now on sale for $59.99 + free shipping). At six inches long it's like, the size of a Sharpie and comes with a heat protective glove and a cute animal print heat-proof travel pouch.

Wham-bang, you're welcome ma'am.

Model Military Issue

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At ease, soldiers.


Happy Veteran's Day to our brave American heroes, past and present.


Back in the Saddle Shoe Again

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Once upon a time, in a decade far, far away, I owned a pair of black and white saddle shoes. Every time I wore them I felt gosh darn cute, wholesome and ready to rock around the clock, twisting the night away at the nearest sock hop in my pleated skirts and girly lace ankle socks, expertly folded over.

Fast forward x years later and I'm still feeling nostalgic about my old saddle shoes, although these days I'm into sexier shoe styles that are more chic than chaste, and unless I'm headed to the beach you'll almost never find me in flats.

Thankfully, there's a new style of saddle shoes in town that have a hint of height and sex appeal whole evoking the essence of Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks instead of Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days. When it comes to vintage meets vampy, no one serves up the sexy saddle better than Modcloth.


Tis the season for closed toe shoes and I'll be spending this Fall & Winter in smart saddles that will give me a sexy collegiate/librarian vibe while serving as a nice alternative to boots.

Go neutral with the more ensemble accessible Soft Serve Heel for $59.99 that has a creamy caramel on vanilla tone, or think pink with Rachel Antonoff's for Bass Saddled with Sweetness Heel for $108.99. When you're saddled up in these babies, no one will bother asking you who killed Laura Palmer. They'll be asking you where you got those shoes.

Want a saddle that's more high class? Try Fendi's sexy Saddle Platform Pumps from Bluefly. If you prefer flat over phat, check out the comfy Seasteader Sneaker also from Modcloth, the Bass Odette from 6pm.com or the Montgomery Leather Brogue from Asos.

I prefer being higher up in the saddle myself, but it's your call. Flats are fine, just don't expect to seduce FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper while wearing them.

This Earbuds For You

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Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears.

If you live anywhere other than Miami and you're cool, this checklist probably pertains to you.

It's cold. Check.
It will be getting colder. Check.
You like to listen to music. Check.
You like to listen to music outside. Check
Your ears get cold. Check.
You like to listen to music and look cute while keeping your ears warm. Check. Check. Check.

Rock out in a chill way while keeping your lobes lukewarm with these AE Earbud Earmuffs for $19.50. They're multi-functional and multi-fabulous available in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns. Choose from solid colored cableknits, intarsia knit, fair isle or furry.

Oh yeah, they have un-pink and un-girlie techsessories for dudes too.

Just don't listen to Ice, Ice Baby, Ice Cube or LL Cool J while wearing them, that would be so cliché.

p.s. I like to listen to music outside while looking cute also, despite being from Miami. It just isn't cold all up in here.


Cotton Candy. Champagne. Diane von Furstenberg's newest collection. The ultimate Thursday night trifecta.

This evening, stylish South Floridians can celebrate The Sweet Life at the DVF Bal Harbour store at the Bal Harbour Shops on Collins Avenue or at DVF Coral Gables at The Village of Merrick Park to get a first peek at the launch of DVF's Cruise/Pre-Spring Collection.

Your blogging hostess with the mostest scored you an invite (see below), and you can also enter to win a DVF handbag and special gift with purchase(!) Just be sure to rsvp and save some cotton candy and bubbly for me.



Model Sweetener

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Models get really annoyed when they're brought sugar instead of Splenda.


Best Dressed AMA's 2011

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Happy Monday Let's Talk Stylers!

I'm in a particularly awesome mood this morning. Short work weeks will do that to me.

If you didn't catch the American Music Awards this past weekend, here is my Red Carpet recap of my flat out favorite looks that all of the starlets and songstresses rocked, as well as the gowns that fell flat, musical pun intended.

Selena Gomez is on a red carpet roll. Her bf's alleged baby mama dropped her allegations that Justin Beiber fathered her baby and Selena celebrated by standing by her man on the red carpet in a slinky, silky, and in a word Selenasational Giorgio Armani gown featuring a halter neckline, low open back, ruched bodice and perfect length train.


They wear fug gowns
I wear scene stealers
They're made fun of
And I'm a close the dealer

Taylor Swift not only swept up the Best Artist Award, (and every other award she was up for, Kanye West interruption free) but she also tripped the night fantastic in a sparkly, sequined, strapless and simply stunning Reem Acra gown paired with Jimmy Choo heels, intended for musical royalty. Oh can't you seeee, that dress belongs with meeeeee. Seriously Taylor. It belongs with me.

With the good comes the bad. I know you're all expecting me to place Nicki Minaj at the top of my Worst Dressed list, but here's the deal. Now homegirl is just expected to make weird fashion statements, and I don't like to do anything that's expected. Here are my least favorite AMA looks worn by a duo of older stars who should just plain know better.


Jenny McCarthy's purple Victoria Beckham dress would probably have looked good on the string bean frame of Victoria Beckham and/or a Toddlers & Tiaras contestant, but didn't come off as posh on Jenny. Too short, wrong shoes, bad call. p.s. In honor of Thanksgiving, someone please let Jenny know her turkeys are done.

I am usually in awe of Julie Bowen's red carpet choices, but it looks like the Modern Family star stole a Gap sweaterdress from my closet and had her kids sprinkle glitter all over it. Just because you aren't nominated for an award doesn't mean you can slack on style. Next time, run your outfit by Sofia Vergara first.

The Boxer Rebellion

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It's been awhile since I posted a blog for the dudes, so I figured I'd tackle a subject that has been on my mind as of late. Your underwears. [Yes, I tacked an s at the tail end of underwear because although the word isn't grammatically correct, it sounds way funnier.]

Often overlooked, the upkeep of your underwears is very important. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Throw your underwears out when they have holes in them. When your boxers, briefs, or a combination thereof have holes in the crotch, it is the equivalent of our worst granny panties. Not sexy.

2. Fruit of the Loom tightie whities remind us of the underwears you were forced to wear as little boys.

3. Men's thong underwears are cool, but only if you like other dudes. Straight dudes don't care about visible panty lines.

4. We appreciate it when you wear sexy underwears, just as much as you love it when we do.

With that said, may I present jac5, the newly launched luxury men's underwear brand that delivers comfort, style, a sense of humor, and sex appeal which all work together to create the perfect package.


Inspired by his 5 fiesty Jack Russel terriers, jac5 founder Jim Christopher offers three distinct collections of underwears, guaranteed to suit the style of any feisty fella: The Loyal collection is casually cool enough for every day. Supersmart is designed for suiting up for success, and the Barking Mad collection is colorful, stylish and just a tad bit quirky. Trust me boys, if we see a hint of these jac5 underwears peeking out of the waistband of your jeans, we'll be more than impressed. You'll be an alpha dog in our eyes.

I'm a fan of boxer shorts myself, but am also doggone crazy about the basic crewneck tees and the Barry briefs that I wish came in chick sizes but without the crotch pouch. I don't need that.

It's a dog eat dog world out there, don't let bad underwears ruin it for you.


Raising the Bar in Barrettes

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Hello Letstalkstylers,

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Like most Americans, it has taken me awhile to get back in the swing of things after an indulgent four day holiday weekend. We are all a little wiser, a little fatter, a little broker, and a little more lucid now that the tryptophan has finally left our systems.

I went through my fashion file of Ask Sammy queries and found a good one, so without any further ado, let's get to it.

Hi Sammy,

What are some cute hair accessories that I can wear for the holidays that don't look like a little girl should wear them?

Thank you

Dear Ginny,

I understand your holiday headwear predicament. You want a little sparkle without all of the bows, ribbons and festive accoutrements that might come off like a kindergarten arts and crafts project on your head.

You're in luck. I just holiday happened upon these adorable Holiday Barrettes from Kate Spade that showcase three holiday phrases: "ooh la la", "cha cha, cha" and "pop, fizz, clink" in different fab fonts. They're extravagantly priced at $78, (compared to the Goody barrettes I get from the dollar store) but hey, you get three. Don't wear them all at the same time.

Extras: They'll make a great conversation piece at your office Christmas party and make an extra special gift considering the super cute packaging.

p.s. I loved you in the Harry Potter septology.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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