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Eat Your Amelia Earhart Out

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Long before the new series Pan Am premiered this Fall, (the Christina Ricci driven ABC flight of fancy exploring the fun, frolic and intrigue that sexy single stewardesses experienced while flying the friendly skies during the sixties) the fashion world has been obsessed with aviation-themed adornments. At least my fashion world has been.

I'm not talking little blue hats, seamed stockings and structured ladylike polyester suits. We modern gals don't dress to impress sleazy businessmen and international spies while serving them coffee, tea or milk. Today, we take the yoke into our own hands with edgy menswear and pilot worthy pieces that welcome adventure, reflecting our inner Spirit of St Louis.

It's a trend that I really dig, but only under one condition: pair the tough with the soft. The masculine with the girlie. If not, you'll just look like you're 2 weeks late for Halloween. Think leather and lace. Flowy dresses and boots. Think Amelia Earhart. The real one, not Hilary Swank.
Make your next outfit ultra aerodynamic with Amelia Earhart inspired pieces like this First in Flight Vest from ModCloth for $69.99 paired with a pretty frock, or these Raeven Synthetic Leather Pilot Boots from Chinese Laundry, for $89.95.

If you want to throw in a kitschy accessory, this Vintage Style Pan Am Travel Bag from Brookstone will fit all of your TSA approved travel sized toiletries for $89.

Don't forget the sexy silk scarf and goggle combo that is so Red Baron Snoopy ($21.99 and $39.99 from Sporty's Wright Bros.) and a pair of sleek leather gloves to tie it all together.

Just don't be surprised if random wingmen ask to show you their cockpits.

Have a nice flight.

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rock star boots


A scarf with those boots would look sooo pretty

Judy J:

Amelia Earhart is the bomb

sally e:

I would wear all of it except the aviator skullcap lol

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