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How To Get Banging Bangs

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I was watching the new Fox sitcom The New Girl last night, and spent most of the half hour series admiring Jess Day's (aka Zooey Deschanel's) perfect, brow-skimming bangs.

I know from experience that it isn't easy to maintain a banging set of bangs like mine and Jess/Zooey's, especially by the end of the day. My big bang theory is this - when you need them to look their best for a big event, date or whatnot, the gods of fringe will ultimately see to it that you have a bad bang day.


From wind and weather to sweat and static, it's something we weren't always able to control...Until now.

Here are my tips to keep your bangs beautiful and bangable between washes.

Bang Buster 1: Sweat. I've banged out multiple how-tos for keeping oily hair at bay, from dry shampoo to oatmeal and other weird rituals, but toting around a full-size bottle of shampoo and/or a cannister of Quaker Oats isn't always ideal. I prefer stashing a mini bottle of baby powder in my bag. When I feel the sweat beads building up on my forehead, my bangs get a sprinkle, a comb out, and they're instantly restored to their previous baby fresh and banging state.

Bang Buster 2: Static. Static can be a major bang sabotager, especially during the winter months when our bangs are subjected to cold weather hats and headwear. Stash a few Bounce dryer sheets in purse. Rub on bangs. VoilĂ . You no longer appear radioactive (added bonus: your bag smells good). p.s. I like the lavender scented ones.

Bang Buster 3: Frizz. Banish bang frizz by stashing a mini flatiron in your purse, gym bag, or work desk for quickie touch ups post gym or pre happy hour. I actually own this Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron from folica (now on sale for $59.99 + free shipping). At six inches long it's like, the size of a Sharpie and comes with a heat protective glove and a cute animal print heat-proof travel pouch.

Wham-bang, you're welcome ma'am.

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I put hairspray on mine in the morning and they stay in place alld ay


Another fantastic read.... thanks a lot :D

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