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Hi Sammy,
My aunt recently sent me this grey cable knit sweater that looks like this. My mom told me I should wear it at our Christmas family dinner, but I think it's too mature for me. (I'm 13, btw.) What accessories and things can I add to make it more youthful?

Hi Sammy!
Haha, I know I wrote to you about the sweaters... And now I've got another question related to winter. I'm not that much of a girly girl, but I really want some nice winter shoes that aren't uggs. I don't really like the clunky, chunky look of them.
Thanks again,


Hi Sydney!

Wowee, I've never received a two-parter before. Thank you for your questions, and I will do my best to serve your winter styling needs.

Part One: You didn't send me an image of the mature grey cableknit sweater in question Syd, but I'm guessing it might be either too tight or show a little shoulder. Normally I would suggest cute and colorful hats, mitts, earmuffs and scarves to punch up the youth factor, but these accessories are hardly appropriate for the holiday dinner table.

'Tis the season to be sparkly Sydney, try dressing up your sweater with some festive beads and baubles like this Gigi Necklace from Alloy. It's totally tasteful, looks like tinsel and is on sale for only $9.99, sold.

Nothing says I'm underage more than bows in your hair. You'll be age appropriate but still cool enough to not have to sit at the kids' table with these Rhinestone Bow Bobby Pins from Forever 21 (set of two for $3.80). You can also wear a long-sleeved patterned shirt under your sweater to add a little pop of color out of your collar. All the kids are doing it these days.


As for the shoes, I have the perfect un-girly, anti-ugg style for you. These Roxy Denver Boots from dELiAs* will keep your tootsies warm this winter without looking too chunky, wooly, furry or clunky. Added bonus? They're cute enough to wear with mini dresses and shorts once the weather warms up.

Thanks again for writing in with a fab pair of questions Sydney, I have no doubt that you will rock your holiday family dinner table this year. Happy Holidays, Merry Kwazachristmukah, and all that seasonal jazz. I look forward to styling you in 2012 and all through high school and college.*



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Those boots are to die for

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