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I love sweater season. Who doesn't love feeling all bundled up under the coziest of cashmere, with a chill in the air, a blush in the cheeks and a Christmas carol in the heart?

There is, however, one obstacle that always threatens to rain on my sweater season parade. When my sweaters suffer from a bad case of the pills.

I'm not ashamed, it happens to us all. You remove your most beloved turtlenecks, pullovers, cardis and cablenits from storage, only to find that they've been plagued with jagged little pills - those totally stupid little fiber ball build ups that multiply on your warm and wooly wearables. I destroyed many a sweater with my unsuccessful do-it-yourself razor pill removal techniques, and eventually came to terms with the fact that pilling was the herpes of winterwear. No matter what you did, those bumps would keep coming back. Until now.

The Hollywood Sweater Saver is a simple and cost-efficient solution to get rid of those pesky pill monster flare ups for good. Simply skim the sweater saving stone across your infected fabric, and watch those pathetic pills disappear with a poof. Use it on sweaters, coats, blankets, fleece and virtually any place where those pills pop up.

And it's only $5.99, which is not a tough pill to swallow at all.

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