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The Side Swept Big Bang Theory

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Hi Sammy,

I noticed there was a question about hair and big ears before, and I have a question about hair myself. I want to get side swept bangs (I have a heart shaped face), but what are the pros and cons about having bangs?



Hi Fallyn,

Thanks for your awesome question!

If you're a Let's Talk Style regular (or have checked out my candid polaroid pic in the upper right hand corner), you are aware of the fact that I have been a loyal bang rocker for years. Bangs (or fringe as my hair stylist commonly called them) have the power to dramatically update your look while flattering your facial features. They can conceal an ample forehead or fivehead, call more attention to a gorgeous set of eyes, and make you look sharper, sleeker, and more pulled together.

I love the romantic look of sideswept bangs, and we're not alone. A list celebs like Nicole Ritchie, J. Lo and Jennifer Aniston have cornered the sideswept bang market. You mentioned you have a heart-shaped face, so here are a few pics of a fellow heart-shaped faced celeb, Reese Witherspoon, sporting both short and sweet, long and wispy eye skimming side swept bangs. The judges votes are in, these styles look great on Reese and I think they'll look even more fab on you.


But - before you make the big bang commitment, here are some pros and cons...


You can wash your bangs instead of your entire scalp if you're late for school or work.

You can cover up a monster zit, scar or blemish on your forehead with a few strategically places strands.

You can always pull your bangs back with barrettes, bobby pins or a headband if you're not feeling them.

Bangs can completely transform your look without having to sacrifice your hair length.


Your forehead gets sweaty.

If you live in a humid environment, you're bangs can get frizzy.

They grow super fast, so they need to be trimmed regularly.

There. If I've sold you on the bang bandwagon, play with your hair by holding a section up over your forehead to get an idea of how your hair would naturally fall. If you like what you see, visit your stylist and show her some pics of the styles you covet. Your stylist will know what kind of hair type you have and will advise you on what looks best, as well as what styling products, tools and tips to use to maintain your new fringe.

Hope this helps Fallyn, and I'd love to see a pic after you've taken the final bang plunge!



p.s. I have totally Fallyn in love with your name.

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Julie B:

Bangs are the best!

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