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Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

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Valentine's Day is a week away and if you're still searching for the perfect V-Day gift for your guy, don't be miffed. You aren't alone.

I know this isn't a favorite holiday for the dudes - Dumb Hallmark holiday, I just got you a bunch of cool crap for Christmas, Why can't I just get you flowers when I feel like it?, Blah, blah, blah. I recently discovered the existence of Sweetest Day, another V-Day like holiday in October, celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes Region, aka where my boyfriend is from. Apparently my sweetest knew of this holiday, but never brought it to my attention. Fancy that.

Back to V-Day guy gifting. My problem is that it has always proven très difficult to find the right gift for a man who is ultimately celebrating a holiday that he hates. Like forcing someone to drink a pint of green beer when they despise St. Paddy. It's kind of like, let's just go to dinner and get this over with. This is why I need gift guidance, like the Facebook Valentine's Day Look Book on Catalogs.com.


This handy go-to-gift-guide is filled with tons of cool options for guys as well as gals, from novelty gifts like these not so subliminal Heart On Boxers and whimsical Vouchers For Lovers, to crazy cool headphones, romantic Romeo y Julieta Cigars, and old school standards like a heart-shaped box of Ghirardelli Chocolates. Just "like" the Catalogs.com Facebook page to get in on all the fun.

The bottom line is - You'll get inspired, you'll get gifts, you'll get lucky... and who knows? With gifts like these, he might just stop being a V-Day hater and magically transform into a V-Day playah.

Comments (3)


I am so going to get that coupon book for my bf!


great post, i never know what to get!


Those boxers are to much LOL!

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