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Faux No Chanel Tote

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Good morning LTS'ers. I hope that you all enjoyed a pleasant weekend and that your Monday mornings have gotten off to a splendid start. I, myself, am a little down in the dumps this morning due to dropping my boyfriend off at the airport 3 hours ago. He'll be gone for a week and a half on a business trip, so I will spend my time in his absence doing what any self respecting woman will do when her significant other is gone for an extended period of time. I will shop for purses.

The only problem is that most of the purses I want cost more than a freshman's first semester tuition at Yale. Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, ChloƩ, Kooba, Miu Miu. It ain't happening. At least not in this economic lifetime. I know you feel my pain.

Can't afford an authentic Chanel bag? You have 3 options...
1. Hit Chinatown in the Big Apple for a knockoff.

2. Hit eBay for pre-owned baggage.

3. Fake it with this chic black Quilted Lock Across Body Bag from Asos for $28.65. Or, make fun of the fact that you can't afford a real Chanel bag with this Thursday Friday Tote, also from Asos.

It's not that cheap, at $124, but it's a lot better than dropping over two grand for the real thing. Then you can move on to the next stage of amusing yourself while your man is missing in action. You can shop for shoes.

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Cute bag but nowhere near worth $100 bucks

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