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Fit to Be Flared

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Hi Sammy,

I want to get a new pair of jeans but dont like skinny jeans or the bright color jeans that are in right now. What jeans r in style that would be good for me, I'm 5 ft 4 and 130 lbs.

Thank u,


Hi Anna ( and fellow LTS's),

I've been on blogging time out for the past week, over burdened with work and not nearly enough play, and you my dear readers have suffered for it. So sorry for being off the fashion radar for so long, but I promise I was wishing I was here with you during every minute of my hiatus.

Now for Anna's query. Thanks for your candid honesty, Anna, and for following your inner to-trend or not-to-trend instincts. Yes, colored jeans are in right now in a major way with a Skittle hued sensation of rainbow colored denim showing up on spring fashion billboards and ad campaigns everywhere, from the Gap to Calvin Klein, and then some.

My take on the colored jeans craze? It's cool. It's colorful. It won't last. If you're under the legal drinking age and/or have beanpole-like stems, go for it, you can get away with it. But don't be surprised when you're laughing at photos of your younger self twenty years from now sporting orange and pink popsicle sticks in lieu of legs.

My friend Anna, however, is sticking to her guns and opting not to drink the colored jeans Kool-Aid, so I will clue her in to my latest denim obsession that is - the flare.


I confess, I have been having an affair with flare since December, when I treated myself to a chic pair of Lucky Brand flares that made my short stacked legs look long and lean, my thighs trimmer and my butt better than Beyonce's. Okay, 60 to 68 percent AS bootylicious as Beyonce's. Quote me on that.

They were big in the 70's and now they're back with modern twists and turns, accents and embellishments that make them work for the new millennium. Luckily, this a trend that works for everyone, the wider leg openings balance proportions and flatter even the curviest silhouettes, unlike those skinny jeans that have been ruling the denim world. As with all jean styles, dress 'em up or dress 'em down. Flare jeans are like dinner at Outback, no rules, just right.

If you're still not sold, check out Ashley Greene sporting them above for DKNY Jean's latest ad campaign.

Yeah, totally worth all the fanflare.



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