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Hi Sammy!

I really like the peter pan collar, but I want to be able to wear it without looking like a baby or a grandma. Any suggestions?

Love ya!


Hi Olivia,

I love ya back! Especially because you asked me such an awesome question. I personally love me some Peter Pan collars, even more than creamy Peter Pan peanut butter, but I fully understand your predicament. If you get the trend wrong, you can easily end up looking like a cross between Betty White or Lucy from Peanuts. Luckily for you, the style doctor is in, and your favorite blogger knows exactly how to nail it.

The key to pulling off a Peter Pan collar is to simply edge. it. up. You can easily achieve this contrast by pairing your PP collar with a crop top or tank, skinny or ripped jeans, chunky wedges, boots, cutoffs, and basically anything that says "yeah, I may be all cute and girlie on top, but I'm a rock star chick on the bottom". Kinda like a fashion mullet.

Just check out this Peter Pan Leather Collar from Asos.


I don't know about you, but I don't see grandma or grammar schoolgirl at all.

Try to avoid excess frills and ruffles, all things ultra feminine and Tinkerbellish, and you should be golden, as opposed to Golden Girl.

I hope this helps Olivia. Thank you for being a friend.



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