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Howdy ho Let's Talk Stylers, I just wanted to check in with a quickie fashion bit detailing a hot-to-trot trend that swept the runways last February. If you want to be on trend this spring and summer, it's all about the peplum.

pep·lum (p p l m). n. pl. pep·lums. 1. A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. 2. A flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc. 3. See peplos - The tunic like garments Greek women wore back when they rocked the Parthenon.

Depending on your birth date and/or knowledge of vintage fashion, you might remember this trend back in the 80's/90's, Delta Burke Designing Women days. Unfortunately, the peplums of yesteryear were paired with shoulder pads. Not my favorite look.

Today, peplums are back with a vengeance and the new shape for spring, with retro-inspired ruffles and overskirts attached to everything from dresses and tops to swimsuits and playsuits.


To me, peplum is a slight fluttery feminine detail that can be both ladylike and sexy simultaneously. I opt for mini fitted peplums that can totally enhance an hourglass figure rather than larger than life flared peplums that cover up too much. Just check out this sweet Peplum Scuba Pencil Dress in Peach and the Ribbed Peplum BodyCon Skirt from Topshop.

It's a perfect look to add a little edge to your Easter Sunday ensemble, that is if you're tired of floral dresses and looking as sweet as a marshmallow peep.

Keep in mind, a little peplum goes a long way. One peplumed piece per outfit, please.

Lipstick Fixer Upper

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A couple of months ago I made an impulsive purchase at MAC, treating myself to a berry hued lipstick that looked great in the tube and even prettier when tested on my wrist. Once I got home, however, I applied my purchase and soon realized that what was once berry beautiful in the store now looked berry bad on my face. My hopes of finding my new signature shade were gone, and I was out fifteen bucks. Just perfect, I pouted.

Instead of marching myself back to MAC to make a shameful return, I decided to turn my clownish frown upside down and do what Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame always advises... I made it work.


I gathered up all of my half used lipsticks, liners, stains, plumpers, and my trusted lip brush and went all Picasso on my mouth. I mixed and layered colors on my blank puckered palette and discovered that the lipshade I was minutes away from tossing had true poutential.

After a few hits and misses, I formulated 3 acceptable, complexion enhancing color combinations, 2 for day and 1 for night. My fifteen bucks were well spent and I was secretly thrilled that I would be sporting three custom shades that only I could recreate.

"Hey Sammy, who makes that lipstick"?


So remember ladies, be optimistic about your lipstick. Your next imperfect shade might just become a perfect masterpiece.



Models and the IRS

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I'm getting a tax refund!


Happy Monday, landlubbers!

Forgive me, for I am giddier than all get out and desperately trying to find my bearings because at the end of the week, Sammy is going on Vacay! Yes, in a few days I shall embark on a four day Fun Ship cruise with my man where we will sail away, sail away, sail away, (unnear the Orinoco flow) to the exotic city of Cozumel. Why the nautical nerves?

I'm excited, yet scattered, trying not to let the fact that it's the centennial anniversary of the Titanic sinking phase me while quelling the urge to growl "Argh" in my pirate voice whenever anyone at work annoys me. Instead, I'm searching the cyber seas for some cute cruiseworthy clothes and accessories so I can get all Lido-decked out on our Love Boat based spring break.

When it comes to cruise wear, it's so easy and expected to go all red, white and navy, but I'm looking for pieces that are a little less Sailor Moon and a little more subdued to rock both at sea and on shore. Here are a few of my favorite unburied treasures:


I'm all about themes and decided on a consistent motif to anchor my ensembles. So far, I'm stowing away these Star Anchor Shorts from Forever 21, featuring a barely there anchor print that could pass for little bluebirds from far away. I'll mix it up and out with a few neon crop tops I picked up, a faux denim bikini and these knotty yet nice Wood Anchor Boat Earrings from Topshop to give my look some extra weight.

As for ship baggage, this Anchor Print Bowling Bag from Asos will do. Don'tcha just love the quirky orange and cream combo that is anything but obvious?

Add some cutoff shorts, jeans, sarongs, basic tees and sundresses, and I should be in good ship shape, ready to report for port-of-call duty.

I'll be ashore thing.

Confession: I am leaving on a cruise to Cozumel in 36 hours and am still shopping for shoes to stuff into the already overflowing wheelie bag packed in my head. I don't know why I'm even bothering. I have plenty of suitable shoe options already prepared and don't have the pesos to shell out for even more vacation-related accoutrements (aside from cervezas, margaritas and shots of Jose Cuervo, of course).

Besides, even if I ordered a new pair, they wouldn't ship in time... unless some overachieving UPS guy decided to Speedyboat Gonzalez my parcel out to me in international waters. Regardless, it's nice to dream, and I've been dreaming and drooling over the current Tribal trend that has been spotted showcasing the pedicured toes of today's top trendsetters this spring.

If I won the Lottery, I'd splurge on these Missoni Leather and Crochet Knit Platform Sandals for $1055, and still have plenty of cash left over to buy a closet full of Cozumelian caftans and a dozen rounds of Mexican libations for the locals. But alas, I have not won the lottery, so I could probably afford these not-cheap/not-scary-expensive Elissaa Wedge Slingbacks from Steve Madden for $129.95...


OR, I could be totally budget-conscious and responsible by opting for these very reasonably priced Reeba Wedges by Mia for $39.99 or these Red Multi Guatemala Print Platform Wedges from LuLu's for a flat fee of $29.

Yes, I think it would be muy bueno if I chose the more responsible road less traveled, splurging on the just as chic yet oh so cheap shoes. My decision has been made, the tribe has spoken. I feel older. Wiser. Like I'm growing up and making smarter, more adult choices.

[Fast forward 368 nautical miles from now, at a bar in central Cozumel]

"Oye amigos! The next twelve rounds are on me!"

Model Mojitos

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Models drink on the job, just like us!


Under Coveralls

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I was feeling nostalgic this past weekend, reminiscing about my 8th grade days of summer. I had my first job that summer break, as an ice cream scooper at Häagen-Dazs. I made a mean banana split back in the day, not to mention my shakes. My milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard. They were in a word - spectacular.

From May until August, I proudly lived in my Häagen-Dazs uniform tee, matching cap, name tag and apron. As for my better bottom half, I sported a cool, supersoft pair of denim shortalls, a shorts/overall hybrid also known as jumpers, coveralls, overall shorts, etc. Suddenly, I missed those shortalls, something awful.

I spent a good hour sifting through piles and piles of haven't-yet-gotten-around-to-donating Goodwill bags filled with clothes that are too old or too big (Thanks Reebok Challenge workout!). I couldn't find them, so I set out on a cyber shortall search.

Luckily, my search took less time than serving up a double scoop of butter pecan because my beloved shortalls are back in style and all over the web. I found them on my very first stop at Maurices where I scooped up this adorable Silver Jeans Anna Jumper that had elements of my old outfit, but with updated modern details like a bib front and open back.

While hanging out at Maurices, I discovered a whole lotta cute summer wear in the form of comfy rompers, sorbet colored shorts and sweet summer dresses that I simply had to have.

I shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. A dozen outfits later, I probably spent every penny that I earned that summer while scooping ice cream for the masses (inflation), but just like my 700 calorie milkshakes, it was worth it.

Model Type

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Uh, hello. Like, where's the cursor?

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