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Lipstick Fixer Upper

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A couple of months ago I made an impulsive purchase at MAC, treating myself to a berry hued lipstick that looked great in the tube and even prettier when tested on my wrist. Once I got home, however, I applied my purchase and soon realized that what was once berry beautiful in the store now looked berry bad on my face. My hopes of finding my new signature shade were gone, and I was out fifteen bucks. Just perfect, I pouted.

Instead of marching myself back to MAC to make a shameful return, I decided to turn my clownish frown upside down and do what Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame always advises... I made it work.


I gathered up all of my half used lipsticks, liners, stains, plumpers, and my trusted lip brush and went all Picasso on my mouth. I mixed and layered colors on my blank puckered palette and discovered that the lipshade I was minutes away from tossing had true poutential.

After a few hits and misses, I formulated 3 acceptable, complexion enhancing color combinations, 2 for day and 1 for night. My fifteen bucks were well spent and I was secretly thrilled that I would be sporting three custom shades that only I could recreate.

"Hey Sammy, who makes that lipstick"?


So remember ladies, be optimistic about your lipstick. Your next imperfect shade might just become a perfect masterpiece.



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