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Under Coveralls

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I was feeling nostalgic this past weekend, reminiscing about my 8th grade days of summer. I had my first job that summer break, as an ice cream scooper at Häagen-Dazs. I made a mean banana split back in the day, not to mention my shakes. My milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard. They were in a word - spectacular.

From May until August, I proudly lived in my Häagen-Dazs uniform tee, matching cap, name tag and apron. As for my better bottom half, I sported a cool, supersoft pair of denim shortalls, a shorts/overall hybrid also known as jumpers, coveralls, overall shorts, etc. Suddenly, I missed those shortalls, something awful.

I spent a good hour sifting through piles and piles of haven't-yet-gotten-around-to-donating Goodwill bags filled with clothes that are too old or too big (Thanks Reebok Challenge workout!). I couldn't find them, so I set out on a cyber shortall search.

Luckily, my search took less time than serving up a double scoop of butter pecan because my beloved shortalls are back in style and all over the web. I found them on my very first stop at Maurices where I scooped up this adorable Silver Jeans Anna Jumper that had elements of my old outfit, but with updated modern details like a bib front and open back.

While hanging out at Maurices, I discovered a whole lotta cute summer wear in the form of comfy rompers, sorbet colored shorts and sweet summer dresses that I simply had to have.

I shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. A dozen outfits later, I probably spent every penny that I earned that summer while scooping ice cream for the masses (inflation), but just like my 700 calorie milkshakes, it was worth it.

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