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Confession: I'm bored of all of my perfumes.

I've never been the kind of girl who settles on one signature scent. I like mixing it up, getting complimented whenever folks get a new whiff. It may be seasonal. During the winter months I want to smell like cloves and cranberries. Spring is all about the florals, and when summer comes around, I want to smell all beachy and citrusy, coconutty, piña colada and pineappley.

The First Day marking the commencement of the Summer Solstice is on Wednesday, June 20, which roughly leaves me a month and a half to secure the perfect summertime scent... Here are the contenders that I've been sniffing out:


I ain't no Hollaback girl, but I am a self proclaimed Harajuku Girl. How cute is this Harajuku Sunshine Cuties bottle from Scentiments? Gwen Stefani's stylish seasonal scents come in five different flavahs (Love, Music, Li'l Angel, G & Baby) that are all quite intoxicating, but my favorite has got to be the Love. It has notes of nectarine, pink pomelo, bamboo leaf, and lots of other sweet aromas I never heard of, and will ensure that I smell like a bright, bright sunshiney day. In short, this perfume is Bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Rock out with your out with your bikini top out with the Limited Edition Escada Rockin' Rio perfume, from Perfumania. Piña colada and pineappley? Check. It's also musky, peachy, sugarcaney, tangeriney, and will have dudes even more obsessed than Duran Duran in the Rio video.

And for the quintessential summertime fragrance, Calvin Klein's CK One Summer is a limited edition scent that is a crisper, fruitier take on the original, and so smelltacular that it's re-released every year. It's like the Beach Boys in a bottle, also from Scentiments.

P.S. While you're you're there, shop around to find the perfect scentiment to send to your Dear ol' Ma this Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13th).

*Use code: MOMMY10 at the Scentiments checkout to score 10% off and free shipping... because after [insert # here] hours of grueling labor, the least you can do is help her smell pretty.

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