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Model Soda

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I can't believe that's not Diet.


Confession: Roughly once a week, (sometimes twice or thrice a week) I will come across a fashion advertisement featuring some product that I. Absolutely. Have. To. Have.

What can I say? Advertisers are doing their jobs and I am a sucker. But, after researching said products, I come to the realization that I. Can. Absolutely. Not. Afford. To. Have. It.

Once my depression wears off, I get back on my savvy shopping saddle and do a little investigative work of my own. I don't take the Canal Street shortcut by buying a fake, this is beneath me. Instead, I search for a similar product that is just as cool, but way less.

Recent case in point: I spied with my little eye this lookbook shot featuring a hot, sexy and summery Marc Jacobs Divers Watch from Shopbop for $275. I knew that fluorescent and neon hued timepieces were big this season, so I did some snooping/surfing and found these totally comparable Sprout Water Resistant Watches in a similar citrusy shade for only $75. Shout out to Sprout - these watches are also eco-friendly, they're made of corn. Seriously, corn.

I can stay on trend and save $200, which I can totally reserve for the next great thing that I. Absolutely. Have. To. Have.


I didn't have a chance to catch the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday night because I had a date with my man and the other love of his life, Game of Thrones.

From what I hear, Russell Brand did a decent job as host, delivering the expected trifecta of Beiber-Kardashian-Charlie Sheen jokes, but we're not here to discuss the performances of flamboyant British comedians.

Here's a quick fashion recap on the clothes:


MTV's Trailblazer Award Winner (and the new Spiderman's real-life girlfriend) Emma Stone looked fab yet again, in a sophisticated yet sculptured black and tan combo made up of a black Origami/Givenchy-like top and a mini ivory bubble skirt. Tres chic Gwen Stacy.

Twilight's best kiss winner for the upteenth year running glittered in a metallic Guishem mini with what appeared to be yellow and purple tentacles creeping over her boobs and midsection. Don't ask me why, but it worked. Next time, brush your hair.

New mom and K-Stew's Snow White & The Huntsman co-star Charlize Theron posed to perfection in peplum, rocking a simply elegant red Lanvin sheath.

I love the acting stylings of Elizabeth Banks, but I hated her Hunger Games getups and hairdon'ts almost as much as I hate this rigid eighties bun and black lacey jumpsuit. You are better than this Ms. Banks, and I wish I could escort you back to the Capitol as District 12 tribute for wearing this "trying way too hard" costume. You're dressing in a spiderweb, leave a message and I'll call you back.

Model Decorating

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I never would have chosen this tacky wallpaper.


The Tribe Has Spoken

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Hey Sammy,

I'm looking for some cool jewelry trends for the summer other than cheap-o Forever21 stuff that ends up turning brown after a few months.

Thank U!!<3


Hi Tangie,

I feel your pain, my friend. I have a rusty collection of ready to be tossed jewelry myself, comprised of two-finger rings, angel wing pendants, and other too-trendy styles that have risen and fallen during the past decade. I do, however, have a teacup and saucer on my vanity overflowing with timeless rings, trinkets and treasures that will never spoil or go out of style. What is the defining factor that has kept these baubles from being buried in the jewelry cemetery? They all cost more than $30.

You said it yourself, Tang, cheap-o jewelry isn't meant to last. It's meant to be worn today while the trend is hot. You get what you pay for, and when you pay next to nothing, you get next to nothing.

When I'm on the hunt for hip jewelry styles that are vintage, "in", and not designed to be thrown "out", I head where the celebs go, 1928 Jewelry.


The tribal jewelry trend is being spotted on starlets all across the summer music festival circuit, with unique indigenous inspired pieces that are as nostalgic as they are National Geographic, and as far as I'm concerned, they'll always have a place in your jewelry box.

My favorite piece is this T.R.U. Indonesian Arctic Pendant Tusk Necklace, featuring Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones, and a geometric design that will pair perfectly with any crop top and cut-off combo, for $68. I'm also loving T.R.U.'s Wax Linen Wrap & Charms Wire Bangle Bracelets accented with tiny horseshoe and feather charms. Wear them solo or piled up high with other bracelets and bangles for $48.

My last vintage pièce de résistance is the Azteca Chain Beaded & Shaped Owl Necklace. At $45, this copper and turquoise statement necklace is truly be-hoot-iful, with an intricate off-the-chain design fit for any Aztec princess.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Sometimes you just wake up, and you know its going to be a good day. The sun is shining bright, you have air in your lungs, delicious coffee in your thermos, and a beautiful bag on your arm that will elicit a symphony of oohs, ahhs, and at least a dozen heartfelt compliments before lunch.

Unfortunately, this scenario isn't how I spent my early AM hours, but it is what I dreamed about last night... a welcome departure from zombies eating my waffles, cutting off all of my hair and then kidnapping my dog. I digress.

I have just found my new must-have "it" bag of the summer. A handbag that personifies everything chic, stylish and on trend this season. A bag that I will save and scrub floors for, a bag that I will fondly call "Viv", a bag that I will refuse to put down on any women's restroom floor when faced with an absence of door hooks and/or counter space. It is the Vivian Chevron Stripe Dome Satchel by Brahmin.
If you haven't heard of Brahmin Handbags you either 1. must not live in Boston, or 2. must not love polished, refined, beautiful bags that redefine timeless style. Borrowing their name from a term used in Boston circa the 1800's, a brahmin is, in laymen's terms, a cultured person from an established upper-class family. A Brahmin bag is, in laymen's terms, a hot, luxurious bag that will make other women jealous.

How adorable are these mid-size structured satchels? Posh yet youthful, classy yet sassy thanks to the hot punch of neon pink and citron chevron stripes. Right now, chevron is like the Zooey Deschanel of prints, widely popular with even the biggest haters struggling to admit that it makes them feel happy and warm inside.

If my beloved dome satchel shape isn't your cup of Boston tea, go forth and explore the entire Chevron Stripe Collection, featuring roomy totes, ladylike laptop cases, pouches, wallets and swank tablet clutches that make me want to upgrade to an iPad 3...

One zombieless dream at a time, Sammy.

I have some delightful news, my dearly beloved LetsTalkStylers. This here blog hostess is getting hitched! After numerous phone calls, texts, emails and Facebook posts, I guesstimate that you are only the 557th to know. Don’t you all feel honored?

There is no date or location set, but as you might expect, in between loving glances at my dashingly handsome fiancé and my stunningly perfect engagement ring (more on that later), I’m already looking at dresses. Within 24 hours of my groom-to-be's perfect proposal, I already had the current issue of The Knot downloaded on my iPad + three back issues to boot. This means I have somewhere between five and six thousands gowns to look at. And I haven’t even started thinking about the bridal shoes.

Will I be a modern bride or a bohemian bride? A Grace Kelly or a Jackie O.? A Kate Middleton or a Katy Perry? High fashion or funky? Sophisticated or sassy? Time will tell, but don’t be surprised if my future posts are brimming with bridal themes, because Miss Sammy Sanchez is about to become a Mrs.

More to come...


Model Bangs

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She would give her kingdom for a hair tie.


The Tie's the Limit

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Hey Sammy!

I've recently been having an inclination to wear bow ties. But the only way I've seen them be worn is with a collared shirt. Is there any other casual way I can wear it? Because I don't exactly wear formal dress on a daily basis.



Hi Leah!

Love, love, love your question. One of the coolest things about being a chick is that we have total license to crossover into menswear territory while still looking chic, feminine and oh so sophisticated. A straight dude can't really get away with rocking a skirt, knee highs and garters, that is, unless he's Scottish.

Yes, bow ties are indeed traditionally paired with the crisp and classic button down long-sleeved shirt... but I do have some ideas and inspiration that will keep you from looking like a Catholic school girl, a Presidential hopeful, and/or a Future Business Leader of America.

Here are a few snaps to get you started (*all ties featured are from Asos).


Clockwise from top left:

Traditional: Pretty standard, this is your basic bow tie look. To keep the basic from looking boring, go for a mullet look - wear it with a cute pair of shorts or skirt showcasing a colorful and vibrant print or pattern. You can even get away with denim cutoffs. That way you'll be all business on top, all party on the bottom.

Feminine: Who says all button downs have to be formal? Tie a floral bow tie on a sleeveless button down made with fem fabrics for a look that's sugar and spice and everything nice. I'd go with lace or chiffon button down blouses that are also totally on trend this summer.

Edgy: An instant way to deformalize your bow tie ensemble is to wear it with a denim shirt. Again, a sleeveless option is great for the season. Go against the grain with novelty neckties that are anything like what you'd find in your grandpa's closet, i.e. the embroidered double bull head tie pictured above. If you still don't want to be tied down to a button down shirt, just clip a pin on bow tie at the low neck of a basic tee for an ultra club casual look.

Preppy: The old school tie with a twist. A thin, almost sheer top + structured ladylike shorts + a matching print tie = pretty preppy as opposed to super stuffy.

Need some more inspiration? Check out more hip chicks rocking the trend over at Ladies in Bow Ties Fan with looks that are fresh, sexy and downright bowdacious.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Happy Thursday LetsTalkStylers! I'm in a great mood because aside from the giddiness of being a newly engaged lass, I just received yet another special delivery of beauty booty in the mail. Today my style schwag comes courtesy of the Amazon Beauty Team who sent me their top-picks for achieving this summer’s hottest hair styles.

Here's what the Amazon Beauty Store hooked my hair up with:

1. Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Texture Paste - Miami girls like me love sporting surfy, beachy, effortless hair all year round, and this little tub of goodness creates a totally tubular windswept texture while giving me the tousled, messy, unkempt but kempt look I love. A little goes a long way, and the 5 oz jar will last me a few months and then some. This stuff is seriously superb for light hold styling, especially if you dig the slightly wet look without looking like you're sporting a cup of Crisco on your head. But don't just save it for the summer. *Added beauty bonus - it also controls static and frizz come winter, for only $3.50.


2. TIGI Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray - I may not be able to walk the catwalk at 5'3, but I can sit front row center of the catwalk, and I can certainly use the models' backstage pre-catwalk hair care products. A dozen sprays of this model must-have can create a trifecta of summer looks - from beachy texturized waves to bohemian braids and disheveled layers to achieve that effortless my hair is just naturally Veronica Lake wavy effect. I'll also use it as a mid-day hair refresher because it smells delicious. It's a big bottle at 9.13 oz, so feel free to play and experiment with every tress.

3. Karina Crystal Flower Mini Combs - Even though it's summertime, I'm not a feathers/beads in my hair kind of girl, I'm all about the sparkle. These sweet little crystal combs give me the perfect amount of bling and might even make an appearance on my wedding day.*

Amazon has always been my go-to source for hot off the press NY times bestsellers, but now, they're my new go-to source for beauty goods. Another Amazon beauty advantage? Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Did I hear someone say "Registry"?

Samara Sanchez

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