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Confession: Roughly once a week, (sometimes twice or thrice a week) I will come across a fashion advertisement featuring some product that I. Absolutely. Have. To. Have.

What can I say? Advertisers are doing their jobs and I am a sucker. But, after researching said products, I come to the realization that I. Can. Absolutely. Not. Afford. To. Have. It.

Once my depression wears off, I get back on my savvy shopping saddle and do a little investigative work of my own. I don't take the Canal Street shortcut by buying a fake, this is beneath me. Instead, I search for a similar product that is just as cool, but way less.

Recent case in point: I spied with my little eye this lookbook shot featuring a hot, sexy and summery Marc Jacobs Divers Watch from Shopbop for $275. I knew that fluorescent and neon hued timepieces were big this season, so I did some snooping/surfing and found these totally comparable Sprout Water Resistant Watches in a similar citrusy shade for only $75. Shout out to Sprout - these watches are also eco-friendly, they're made of corn. Seriously, corn.

I can stay on trend and save $200, which I can totally reserve for the next great thing that I. Absolutely. Have. To. Have.


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The orange one is pretty cool

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